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LJ Changes

OK, got quite a surprise when I logged into LJ this morning. Seems they did some remodeling overnight. So far, I think I like the improvements. Did anyone come across any new gizmos or cool modifications I should be aware of?

Oh, and thanks to wisteria_, I was able to view the new Angel promo last night. Brief, but very cool and James looked terrific (as usual).
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Hey, what happened to the Buffy mood icons? Mine aren't working... :(
Did you download them to your own webspace or were you taking them from Wisteria's? She posted a while back that many people (myself included) were using her bandwith up by taking them directly from her site so she was taking them down for public use. I had no clue I was doing that, but immediately discontinued using them.

If you did download them to your own space, then I have no clue why they are not working. May just be a temporary glitch.
I didn't download them because at the time I didn't *have* any webspace of my own (I do now, though)... :( Hmm, can I still download them from somewhere, then? How does that work?
Not exactly sure. You could e-mail Wisteria_, she may tell you how you can still yet download them. Otherwise, I've seen other show related mood icons around LJ. If you see one you like, I'd just ask the person where they got them. I know other individuals have made their mood icons available for download. :)
I wonder if I'd even be able to mess w/ my mood themes now though, because my account went from paid back to free. :( Hmmm...
Well, it sure seems to load faster. :) Haven'ty had a chance nor will I during the day to see if there's any new bells or whistles. Looks nice though.