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Is it November yet?

It's already been linked here, there, and everywhere. Well, there and everywhere and now here. TV Squad posted the BSG Q&A that took place yesterday on the set of the show. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here. Aaron, Jamie, Grace, Tahmoh, and Michael Hogan participated. Aaron was in top form. Jamie actually looked a little bored at times. And Michael Hogan is nothing like Tigh, thankfully. No spoilers past the season finale and some really wonderful discussion of the characters and show.

TV Week is reporting that the two hour episode/movie 'Razor' will be supersized for the DVD release. They'll be at least an additional fifteen minutes of footage. Woo!

In one degree of separation from BSG, did anyone know that Jamie's sister, Anastasia Griffith, is appearing in the new FX series Damages? I stumbled across that bit of info the other day while reading a review of the show. Sounds like she could be at least a semi-regular playing the lead's boyfriend's sister.

In other casting news, Sophia Myles, AKA 'The Girl in the Fireplace, AKA David Tennant's girlfriend (I think still) has been cast in what I'm guessing is a retooled Moonlight on CBS this fall. The Televisionary is asking her to reconsider. ;)

And I *finally* booked a flight to Dragon Con. Another Woo! Barring bad weather or being bumped I'll be arriving on Thursday afternoon. danceswithwords and I will be scouring the program for all BSG and SG1 panels and having a mini SG1 marathon. Unless of course we run into actors from either show in the lobby of the hotel then who knows!

Oh, almost forgot, check out Burn Notice tomorrow night on the USA Network. Jeffrey Donovan of the too short lived Touching Evil and Bruce Campbell of the too short lived The Adventures of Brisco County Jr star. ::crosses fingers it's good::
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