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Is it November yet?

It's already been linked here, there, and everywhere. Well, there and everywhere and now here. TV Squad posted the BSG Q&A that took place yesterday on the set of the show. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here. Aaron, Jamie, Grace, Tahmoh, and Michael Hogan participated. Aaron was in top form. Jamie actually looked a little bored at times. And Michael Hogan is nothing like Tigh, thankfully. No spoilers past the season finale and some really wonderful discussion of the characters and show.

TV Week is reporting that the two hour episode/movie 'Razor' will be supersized for the DVD release. They'll be at least an additional fifteen minutes of footage. Woo!

In one degree of separation from BSG, did anyone know that Jamie's sister, Anastasia Griffith, is appearing in the new FX series Damages? I stumbled across that bit of info the other day while reading a review of the show. Sounds like she could be at least a semi-regular playing the lead's boyfriend's sister.

In other casting news, Sophia Myles, AKA 'The Girl in the Fireplace, AKA David Tennant's girlfriend (I think still) has been cast in what I'm guessing is a retooled Moonlight on CBS this fall. The Televisionary is asking her to reconsider. ;)

And I *finally* booked a flight to Dragon Con. Another Woo! Barring bad weather or being bumped I'll be arriving on Thursday afternoon. danceswithwords and I will be scouring the program for all BSG and SG1 panels and having a mini SG1 marathon. Unless of course we run into actors from either show in the lobby of the hotel then who knows!

Oh, almost forgot, check out Burn Notice tomorrow night on the USA Network. Jeffrey Donovan of the too short lived Touching Evil and Bruce Campbell of the too short lived The Adventures of Brisco County Jr star. ::crosses fingers it's good::
And I *finally* booked a flight to Dragon Con


Sophia Myles and David Tennant? I did not know this. That's a very pretty picture.
And I *finally* booked a flight to Dragon Con.

Woo! When it gets closer to the con, be sure to email me your flight information. I *should* have that Thursday off, so hopefully I'll be able to pick you up at the airport.

I did not know Bruce Campbell was in Burn Notice! Yay!
I'll definitely let you know. And if your busy with work, that's fine, I've become a wiz with MARTA now. :)

When I first heard Bruce got a TV show I wondered what craptacular vehicle he was in this time. But then I read about the show, discovered it was on USA, had another actor I liked, and found the promos to be intriguing. So now I have hope!

Unless of course we run into actors from either show in the lobby of the hotel then who knows!

Oh, I think we know what will happen: I will cower behind a plant, dying of embarrassment, while you act totally normal. Later, I will buy 300 tiny water bottles from the vending machine and you will mock me.
I was just waiting to see when Asta was leaving so that we could coordinate, and now it is done. I'm coming in Thursday evening too, so if you're really lucky the hotel will still be standing on Friday.
You people with your VACATION TIME. Pfft!

But YAY! I am so psyched for this! The Birthday Girl and I are getting in on Friday afternoon, I believe, so save some debauchery for us.
Oh, trust me, they'll be plenty of debauching left for you two.

And I sold my soul for my four weeks of PTO time so don't be too jealous. ;p
I'm afraid it's all my fault. I had some work issues, then there is the procrastination. But the news of the cost of apparently everything we buy going up forced me to make a decision. At least I encouraged us all to get the hotel early. :)
Ya know, I had forgotten about the water bottles. But now that you've reminded me...

I think your personal goal for this Con should be to speak to one of the guests. Or confuse Michael Shanks with Daniel and kick him in the balls. Either works for me. ;)
Huh. I had no idea about Damage until I saw your post; then again, I know almost nothing about Anastasia Griffith except that she's Jamie's sister. ;) The official FX page has a bio. She's also the lead's best friend, and her storyline looks integral to the show. Quite convenient, that! She's very lovely, and she really does look a lot like Jamie. :)
Hey, I know nothing about her either besides she's Jamie's sister and got to keep their real last name. I think it was the Televisionary's review I was reading, saw Anastasia Griffith, immediatelty stopped reading and thought, "Hey, isn't that..."

FX was running a bunch of promos for the show during Rescue Me last night. I think I caught a quick glimpse of her but her character was sitting in the dark and very upset so it didn't really give me a feel for her acting. Maybe she can get her brother a guest starring role? ;-)
**random BSG excitement splurging all over your journal!**

Also - extra Razor footage?!

Awesome, but I'm not sure whether to be elated that we're squeezing another 15 minutes out of BSG or worried because now I have to go through the stress of waiting/worrying if the extra footage will be on the UK release/how long I'll have to wait for the UK release/wether said footage will be 'available' elsewhere should it not be on the UK release...

On balance, though, I think that I'm pleased, because today I'm all about the *random BSG splurges of excitement!*
I'm happy to let you splurge here. ;) And, as God is my witness, I will stat writing some fic during my long weekend next week.

Do you have a region free DVD player? I'd be more than happy to ship you a copy when it comes out if the European version is delayed/doesn't have extras.
That's really kind of you - and I may take you up on that offer - I can paypal you money, right? :) We'll see - if there's a uk version with the extras I'll probably wait, but it makes me feel good to know that I have a backup!

And I look forward to the fic!
Not a problem. :) I ended up getting the season 2.5 DVDs for k_julia because it turned out it was much cheaper for me to buy the DVDs and ship them to her then her trying to order through Amazon herself. Hopefully, Universal will not put out the same version of the DVDs in the US and UK this time around.
This wait is so ungodly long, we'll actually get our Christmas Doctor Who before we get true new BSG that isn't a flashback movie that I am both psyched about because I am in major withdrawal and meh about at the same time because I don't care about Cain as much as I did, oh, two years ago, the awesomeness of Michelle Forbes not withstanding (I loved her since she was on Guiding Light when I was a wee kidlet). How's THAT for a run-on sentence, eh?

How am I going to manage to stay unspoiled for the next 5+ months??? I don't know if I can be that strong, although I want to.
Stay unspoiled for five plus months? MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! You'll cave. ;)

Since I've heard more about 'Razor' I'm more enthusiastic about the project. And I have my suspicions that Ron wasn't just blowing hot air when he said it would tie into plot points in season 4. And if SGA can come back in September, why not BSG too? :(
Stay unspoiled for five plus months? MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! You'll cave. ;)

But but but...I signed a solemn oathe of born-again bsg spoiler virginhood on latteaddict's journal for all the world and god to see. I have to do my damndest to try, at least. I hate that we're waiting for January. Hate hate. HATE. but if we get 20 straight (ish) weeks of nothing but stellar space happies, hopefully it will be worth the wait. I just have no frakkin clue how I am going to pre-occupy myself until then. At least last year, when we had the wait from hell, I was kinda busy giving birth and then dealing with a new baby. No such luck (thank GOD) this year.
Hee! I had no idea there was an oathe involved! I'll see what else I can get you hooked on. ;)