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Not sure if I'm excited by the concept of Burn Notice, but I did enjoy Jeffrey Donovan's performance and it was nice to be reminded that Bruce Campbell can act. However, I hope to never, ever, ever have to see Bruce with his shirt off again. Or he has to start hitting the gym six days a week.

David Greenwalt has apparently decided to gut Moonlight or make it more like Angel - I haven't decided which yet. I posted last night about Sophia Myles taking over as the female lead. Now comes word that Jason Dohring has been cast in the series. Taking over from sixty year old Croation born actor Rade Serbedzija. OK then!

I'm too lazy to do a cut for last night's Rescue Me so I'll just say I loved Probie's storyline, but the rest left me wondering where they are going with this season.

Oh! Ryan Gosling has been added to the cast of 'The Lovely Bones'. I haven't read the book, yet I am ridiculously excited by this news. :)
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Haven't you heard? Jason Dohring IS a 60-year-old Croatian man! :) Maybe this Rade Serbedzija will get a show on CW.
"That's what folks in the industry call "going a different direction."" DUH.

Why does this "reimagining" read like it was cooked up over a lunch at Spago in a Robert Altman film?

The term "reimagining" seemed to be coined with Battlestar Galactica. And it almost seems as if they are "reimagining" Angel. Maybe they are hoping lightning will strike twice. But given they are sticking with the lead who, word has it, lacks talent and charisma, I'm not feeling too hopeful.
Well, Greenie seems to be redoing pretty much everything about that show. It'll be interesting to see what finally shows up on our tv screens in the Fall.
Accept he hasn't recast the lead who no one seemed very impressed with. I'll be tuning in out of curiosity, but I don't have a lot of hope right now.
The Lovely Bones is soooo good, but I'm having a hard time thinking of who Ryan Gosling could be playing. The sister's boyfriend maybe? Hmmmm, interesting.
According to the Zap2It write-up he'll be playing the father and Rachel Weiss will be the mother. I'm just familiar enough with the book that they seem a little young for the parts.