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Apparently, I'm Link Girl This Week

See, this is what happens when SciFi takes all my shows away from me!

Some sad news, Joel Siegel passed away today. I always liked him. He's one of the few reviewers who could skewer a film, yet still be nice about it. And even as he battled cancer for nine years, he always had a smile on his face. He was a class act and I'll miss him.

Since I have many SGA fans on my FList and many of those are fans of David Hewlett - did you all know he has a Twitter account? Weirdness. And he seems to be quite fond of the thing. I have a hard enough time updating here some weeks (not this week though! ;), so I can't imagine getting addicted to that.

TV Guide Names the Top Cult Shows Ever. I have mixed feelings about the list. Is Star Trek, after leading to the creation of four other series and ten movies, still a cult show? The X-Files helped put FOX on the map. Stargate is MGM's second biggest cash cow. And The Simpsons...really? I think over 400 episodes may say otherwise. I won't even go into the ranking.
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