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BSG, Doctor Who, Due South, and Various Other TV Mentions

Apparently, it’s been a week since I last posted. Huh. It doesn’t seem that long. I’m on the last day of my five day mini vacation. WAH! I wish I had relaxed more. It’s hard for me to do nothing when I know there are things I could be doing. That’s part of the problem with just staying home. You’re surrounded by your stuff. You can see the projects waiting for your attention. Or the laundry in need of washing. On the Brightside, the magazine pile of doom has gotten much lower. The DVDs and CDs are now organized so I can find them easily. And the DVR is relatively cleaned up.

I didn’t do any marathon DVD viewing as planned, but I’m now well into Season 2 of Due South. Is it just my imagination or did the show try to become more serious in Season 2? And three eps in a row exploring Ray V’s love life when he couldn’t get a date in Season 1 seemed odd. I also feel that if it was going to happen it would have by now, so, for the record, I am not seeing the slash. It’s like Jack and Daniel on Stargate for me. There are moments where I can understand how others may see it or wish to create the scenario, but it’s just not happening for me. And just like Jack/Daniel, I love the Fraser/Ray V friendship. It’s awesome that these two friendless people - because who else could put up with them? - found each other and support each other no matter what. But I don’t want to envision them having sex together and there is enough evidence on screen that the thought would send them running in opposite directions from each other too.

All of which makes me want to sit down and think about why I see the slash when I do see it. I never even understood people being enamored with the idea until I watched the Hornblower films. Sure, Jamie and Ioan are very pretty, have a nice chemistry, and there were really no women to come between them, but is that it? I’ve read and written Lee/Helo and there are most certainly women to come between them and I support (most ;) of those ships. And now there is my little Oz obsession (which I need to write about at some point). On that series I don’t even have to use my imagination it’s there, a lot. Perhaps it comes down to the actors, the characters, and a need that those characters satisfy in each other (and I’m not just talking sex) that I, personally, find missing on DS.

I watched the Doctor Who premiere on SciFi Friday night even though, like many of you, I saw the episodes some months ago. danceswithwords had not yet seen ‘The Runaway Bride’ and it was interesting to get her take on it after viewing all of Season 3 and knowing that Donna would be the Doctor’s new companion.

Here are my thoughts from when I first watched ‘The Runaway Bride’ back in December. Reading them again I think it’s still a fair assessment of the episode. However, I found myself liking Donna more this time around. She really isn’t impressed with the Doctor at all. He comes into her life and, from her perspective at the time, ruins it, which makes her none to happy. He asks her to come with him after nearly getting her killed and she doesn’t think twice about saying no. She saw his dark side and it frightened her. And she realizes that there is a lot on her own planet that she has yet to explore.

When the Doctor comes back and she joins him, I expect Donna to be different. Definitely less shrill, but hopefully worldlier, ready to see what else is out there and willing to put up with his crap because the journey will benefit her in some way. Not to mention, after twelve episodes of watching Martha practically falling all over herself to get the Doctor to notice her and love her because she’s under some bizarre assumption he’d make a good boyfriend, to have Donna not care if he gives her a second glance will be refreshing.

I didn’t watch much of Live Earth, but I did manage to catch The Police and let me once again reiterate that Sting must have made a deal with Satan at some point.

Did I mention one of my coworkers had tickets to see The Police in Chicago last week? Yeah, hate her.

Considering the track records of networks swearing they’ll burn off the remaining episodes of a canceled series and then either change the schedule before they air (FOX, I’m looking at you with Drive) or air one episode then pull the series again, I’m not holding my breath on ABC’s decision to air the rest of ‘The Nine’. I suppose the one thing it has going for it is Tim Daly. Since he will be appearing on Peak Practice, perhaps the network wants to get his face on our screens before the new season starts.

wisteria_ finally ;) reposted a little ficlet she had written in comments inspired by exchanges we had in regards to one of Jamie’s more dubious (infamous?) fashion choices. It’s very cute (and God I wish it was the reason!) and very G rated because you all know I don’t do RPF. The Green Flip-Flops of Doom.

The fic writing has gotten off to a slooooooow start. You apparently can get out of practice. I need to find time to write every day. What helped was rewatching (most of ) the final three eps of Season 3. ‘The Son Also Rises’ didn’t hold up quite as well for me (though I could watch the Sam/Lee scenes on a loop), but I enjoyed ‘Crossroads Pt 1 & 2' even more (I could watch that Lee/Laura scene on a loop). And there were a couple things that escaped me the first time around. What, unfortunately, couldn’t escape me is the person William Adama has become or perhaps always was, they just disguised it better.

First the observations....

Lee resigns his commission, then heads to place Kara’s picture on the memorial wall. He lets go of his military career, his relationship with his father, to an extent, and Kara all within a very short period of time. For the first time in two years, perhaps in his entire life, there is a real effort on his part to free himself from the past and the various long cast shadows he often fines himself in.

Right before Romo cross exams Tigh, Adama sees Lee talking to Romo. While there is still no way Lee could have known about the way in which Ellen Tigh died, I see now why Adama believed it to be Lee who informed Romo of the truth.

I love the fact that Lee never would have questioned Laura himself if not for Adama’s ill-informed words to Lee – “I’m calling you a liar and a coward who doesn’t have the guts to go after a man himself.”

beccatoria and I have been having some e-mail conversations about BSG and we came around to the topic of Adama and his characterization as of late. She and I are very much of a like mind when it comes to him (as well as many other things ;), but the rewatch of these final three episodes really go my blood boiling again. While it’s mostly because of his treatment of Lee, that’s not all there is to it.

If Lee Adama is a “serial contrarian” (oh, how I love that description) then William Adama is a serial contradictorian (yeah, I know it’s not a word). As Adama is chewing Lee out after the near raptor explosion (no, Bill, don’t hug him and tell him you’re glad he’s Ok, tell him he’s a complete failure to you!), whatever is coming out of his mouth is contradicting what just came out of his mouth. He gave Lee an order to do a job, which Lee points out he was doing, and, from what I know of security, guards follow around the people they are assigned to protect. “The bastard yanks your chain and you jump.” Again, Lee is doing his job, but, also, isn’t that Adama has been attempting to do to Lee for the past two years, get him to bend to his will? Eventually, Adama throws out that he gave Lee “explicit orders” referring to his flight status. The “explicit orders” don’t seem very explicit. Wasn't he grounded as a pilot, not a passenger? Adama believed Lee, in his distracted state, could be a danger to himself and others, but how is he going to kill himself sitting in a ship? And how is Lee to know that the explicit orders to not fly override the explicit orders to guard Lampkin?

“You’re a soldier. Live like one, act like one.” And who should he use as an example of this because it’s certainly not you Bill. You are completely acting on emotion here. Your using your judgment as a father (a piss poor one at that) and not as the commander of the fleet. At least Lee is trying to keep his feelings in check, you're failing miserably.

The thing is I *might* be able to accept this behavior from Adama if there was the teeniest tiniest indication that he was aware of his contradictory behavior and that he was allowing emotion to interfere with job and relationships with those around him. No such luck.

Besides Lee, it’s his relationship with Tigh that I find extremely troublesome. I’ve actually felt a lot of sympathy for Tigh this season. I haven’t agreed with all his choices, but I have an understanding of where he is coming from and, more significantly, that he’s not always sure he’s doing the right thing, just the best he can do in the given situation. He’s done horrific things and when it becomes too much for him to bear he retreats into a bottle which only increases his self-loathing. He’s caught in an ugly, decades’ long cycle of abuse and one I think he could break if his friend Adama would force him to.

Adama is one of the worst enabler’s I have ever seen. In ‘Crossroads’ he tells Tigh, in all sincerity, “You never embarrass me.” WHAT?! Even Tigh, sober, would know that not to be true. Adama has entrusted, should anything should happen to him, the security of the fleet to an insecure, self-doubting, drunk. We all know how well that went the last time Adama was sidelined. Yet that isn’t embarrassing. Or the random fights Tigh can get into with the rest of the crew. Or getting confused on the witness stand and ending up assisting the defense. No, that’s all acceptable. But Lee is a little distracted, inadvertently says Starbuck in a pilot briefing, and he's stripped of duty, turned into a baby sitter, and reminded constantly of what a disappointment he is. You know, the same guy who came back with the Pegasus and saved Adama's sorry ass.

At this point, I’m not sure what Ron Moore could come up with to save William Adama as a human being in my eyes, mostly because I think he fails to see him as myself and others do.

Oh, I did have one fairly major accomplishment over this break. I made a banner for jamiebambernews! Considering my limited software, lack of graphics know how (I *finally* figured out layers), and coding panic, the fact that I managed what I did makes me very happy.
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