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How My Day Was Saved By MGM

First day back after vacation and it both sucked and blew. I won't go into all of it, but to cap the day off I didn't really need to discover my car is rusting in two spots (this is on top of the air-conditioning being close to failing me) and my mother realizing that, yes, I hate my job and it makes me unhappy so let's talk about it for an hour! Sigh.

So I decide to run to two things that do make me happy - chocolate and my Flist. And what do I find? OMG THE PRECIOUS!

MGM Will Release the Complete SG1 in October!

While $300 (listed retail) seems steep that's only $30 a season! And there will be four bonus discs! And I'm sure it will be in a very pretty box! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Let's try and focus on some more positive. Ellen Muth is blogging that if the Dead Like Me direct to DVD film does well, MGM wants to relaunch the series. And do take a peak at Ellen's blog, she actually replies to the messages left there. Which either makes her very cool or very crazy.

The USA Network is declaring 'Burn Notice' a hit. Woo! Maybe this means Bruce Campbell will be too busy to do really crappy SciFi movies. Probably not.

Kyle XY is a weird convergence of fandoms. Not difficult for a show that shoots in Vancouver. Still, seeing Janet (Teryl Rothery), Krychek (Nick Lea), and Racetrack (Leah Cairns) all in one place is weird. Too bad the show wasn't better or I probably would make an effort to tune in regularly.

For my fellow James Cagney fans, there is a new LJ community, jamescagney. I think this is a perfect opportunity for me to expand my LJ interests. Plus, if a kerfuffle manages to break out there it will be amusing rather than rage inducing. ;)

And, finally (see what happens when I can't sleep?), Eureka premieres tomorrow night at 9est. I know, you're sitting there thinking, "She watches 'Eureka'?" Nope! But I will tomorrow night because there will be an extended promo for Battlestar Galactica. So you all set your Tivo/DVRs so we can analyze it to death over the next week or so. :)
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