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Attention All 'Drive' Fans

OK, it's Thursday so FOX could yet change their mind, but, as of right now, the final two eps of 'Drive' are scheduled to start streaming online Monday.

Once you see the eps, if you want to know what Tim Minear had in mind for the rest of the season, check out this Q&A with him. Some very interesting revelations.

After the new promo for Battlestar Galactica: Razor premiered Tuesday, I checked out imdb for some casting information. A couple of names of interest jumped out at me. John Pyper-Ferguson who played the Pegasus CAG Stinger is apparently returning. Woo! I was always bummed we didn't see more of him, partly because I've been a fan of the actor since Brisco County and partly because I never saw Stinger as a bad guy. To me, Stinger was simply a career military man who did things by the book. And when confronted with (as he saw them) young, cocky, undisciplined pilots he just didn't react as well as he could have. My hope is we see more of the person Stinger is and that he didn't necessarily agree with Cain and her methods. I know Ron wanted to get JPF back sooner, but the success of Brothers & Sisters screwed that up.

I also noticed Steve Bacic is guest starring. Another Stargate alum and, poor bastard, Kevin Sorbo's co-star on Andromeda. I caught him on Whistler and Psych last year and he wasn't bad so I'm interested to see what he can do here.
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