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Battlestar Galactica and Farscape Webisodes

The news about Farscape coming back to SciFi via webisodes and BSG also doing another webisode series is popping up all over my Flist, so most of you have probably already read the news. But just in case you aren’t in the loop, Gateworld has a recap of what’s up. The description of the BSG webisodes might be considered slightly spoilery. The blurb is the equivalent of a TV Guide write up only probably more accurate. ;)

Since the BSG webisodes should total around fifteen minutes of additional footage and there was already talk of the DVD cut of Razor being about fifteen minutes longer I have to wonder if the webisodes are, in essence, deleted scenes.

Zap2it recaps SciFi’s upcoming projects announced at the Television Critic’s Association press tour. Interestingly, SciFi announced Razor as revolving "around Adama's son Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) and his first mission as commander of the Battlestar Pegasus." Huh. This is different then every other description I've read. I think some marketing license is being taken. My guess is the network is trying to push it as a movie featuring a character we know well as opposed to one we only saw in a couple of eps.

And apparently Ben Browder has signed a contract for life with the network. He’s starring in the miniseries Going Homer about a 21st Century Homer.

OK, as loathe as I am to link SyFy Portal, it's what a series of links took me to and at least the article isn’t by Michael Hinman. I had heard some weeks ago that James Marsters was to guest star in an episode of Torchwood. At a recent convention appearance he confirmed it. Of course, the talk about restructuring and reshooting parts of the ep doesn’t instill a lot of faith in me as to the direction of the show this season.

ETA: Ok, looks like the SciFi press release for their upcoming projects. The wording on this description of 'Razor' makes more sense. And the Ben Browder project could be good or bad. Hard to tell at this point.
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