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The Emmy Nominations

Wow. Am I ever glad they revamped the Emmy nomination process to introduce fresh faces and allow under-viewed but critically praised shows to get some recognition! /end sarcasm

OK, I had pretty much given up hope of Battlestar Glactica ever getting it's due. But NO Friday Night Lights?! NO Connie Britton or Kyle Chandler?! Instead we get Boston Legal and Patricia Arquette????? Oh, and lets not foget 17 nominations for Bury My Heart at Wounded Need a mediocre film, but, hey, it's HBO so we have to see it dominate!

Whatever Emmy people. You are dead to me.

ETA: Since I was blinded by rage earlier, thanks to greycoupon I learned that BSG got two significant Emmy nods - best directing for 'Exodus Pt2' and writing (Ron Moore) for 'Occupation/Precipice'. I doubt they'll win (though I remember the shock when Darin Morgan won for The X-Files, 'Clyde Bruckman's Finale Repose'), but it's something!
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