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There's More to Life Than Harry Potter

Through my Flist and emails over the past several days I have come to learn that yes, Virginia, there are many of us who don't really care about Harry Potter. So I figured we should help entertain each other over the weekend. :) Thus far I only have links to share.

OK, SciFi is tempting me once again to watch one of their (I'm sure) crappy movies. 'Sands of Oblivion' airing July 28th is a mini Firefly reunion - Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin star, damn them.

'Wolverine' has a director and he's got an Oscar! Hugh seems to be putting a lot of effort into this film and getting my hopes up, damn him.

Mark Sheppard is joining the cast of 'The Bionic Woman'. I'm happy Mark is getting work, but in an unpopular fandom opinion (good thing I'm giving it while most of fandom isn't around) I think casting so many BSG alum on the show is going to be distracting. Then again, the show could tank and it will be a mute point.

'Heroes' gets yet another hero. And another cast member of The Nine finds work. Very, very basic description of the character so I'd say no spoilers.
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I might be seeing the latest HP film tomorrow, but I just look at it as a film with a couple actors in it I like and it's something to do. I think I've only seen two of the previous films in their entirety. And I couldn't answer any questions about them. ;)
I'm here! :) I like Harry Potter too, but I'll just read it when I get to it. I'll get spoiled, I'm sure, but I'm not devoted enough to the series to care.

I'm excited about Mark Sheppard, but I do think it's a bit too "Hey, I'll put everyone I know on my new show!" Who does Eick think he is, JJ Abrams? :)
BSG has an excellent stable of actors, but there are other talented actors out there looking for work. I'm getting the impression Eick walks out on the sound stage, taps someone on the shoulder, and asks, "Do you want a second job?" And I recall the 'joke' Jamie made in the press line at the BSG Event about Eick approaching everyone about a role on TBW but him.
I thought I was the only one on my flist who wasn't under the thrall of Harry Potter. I understand that many people are really into the books/movies. I'm not one of them and I don't care about spoilers, if Hermonie is Harry's true love or if Harry kicks the bucket.

I think that new Sci-Fi film is going to suck, but I'm there for Adam and Morena. I still can't get into Heartline or Heartbeat. I still see Treat Williams as Andy Brown. I can't help it.
Now that the end is near it seems that those of us that are 'meh' on HP are coming out. ;) I've seen the films, and with the exception of one I haven't been overly impressed with them.

It's 'Heartland', I think. I can't blame Treat for wanting to work, but playing another doctor with personal issues so soon after 'Everwood' didn't seem like the wisest idea. And since the show seems to be tanking, my guess is people are staying away because it appears to be just a knock off of a superior show.
Considering I have sat through some truly horrible productions for the sake of Jamie Bamber and Hugh Jackman and would continue to do so there is no cure in sight for me. If it was Morena or Adam alone in the film I probably wouldn't consider watching, but my brain is going Jayne! Inara! :/

Whatever happened to Joe Lando?
I caught a Lifetime movie with Michael Shanks in it the other day. I lasted ten minutes. He was the best actor in it which says something.

'Wildfire', I believe, was on the ABC Family Channel or whatever they are calling it this month. I do remember him in the promos now that you mention it.

Wow. That movie looks ass-tastic. Of course I'll be watching. Adama looks very...growly.

As for BW, I'm really hoping MR can act. Really hoping. I think the rest of the BSG people are small parts in the pilot.
I'm not really concerned about people not delivering their best on BSG. Katee shot White Noise 2 while filming BSG last season and I didn't think her performance as Kara suffered. I just know in the pilot ep It's going to be hard for me not to think of Tigh, Tyrol, and Kara no matter how good the actors may be.

Oooo, I'm being referenced. I'll be interested to see what you are brewing up, especially since it's Lee related. :)