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I Hate When My Job Interfers with My Buffy Epiphanies

I'm watching Something Blue this morning. OK ,watching may be an over statement. More like having it on in the background while getting ready for work stopping to watch when Spike and Buffy are making out. Anyway, suddenly it hit me how really important this episode is in the Buffyverse. Underlying the forshadowing of Spuffy and the humor is a lot of serious issues that would come to plague the Scoobies (and Spike) throughout the rest of season 4 and again in season 6.

But, can I dig deeper now and share my thoughts? Noooooo. Because I'm a work and I don't have my DVD to reference and I should be working instead of thinking about all this. It's all very frutsrating. :(

Anyay, on a happier note, please see my pretty new icon courtesy of jonesiexxx. I think this is the first non BtVS one I've had up. See, I do have other interests people. :p
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