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Oh, God, It's Almost Monday

We already have TGIF so I thought I'd try out GIAM (see subject line). Hmmm, maybe it still needs some work.

I'm going to try and keep more on top of this posting thing. I realize I have this running list of things I want to talk about and am failing miserably at is so I'm going for the, 'Hey, you have a few minutes, post NOW' approach. We'll see how long it lasts.

After reading about the various panels at Comic Con and what was generating buzz I decided to cave in and track down some of the upcoming season's pilots. Due to catching up on a week and a half's worth of Carnivale repeats this weekend (the show is even better on second viewing and now I can see similarities between Ron's work on this and BSG), I only ended up watching one pilot. Today's winner (and I mean that!) is Chuck.

Any show in which I like all the characters is a) rare and b) makes this one Must See TV for me. I should amend that a bit. I do worry that the best friend, Morgan, may wear thin after awhile, but since this is only the pilot and he did make me laugh a few time I'm giving him a pass.

There were so many things I liked about the show. The closeness between Chuck, Morgan, Chuck's sister Ellie, and her boyfriend Captain Awesome. Yes, that is his nickname given to him by Chuck. He does seem pretty awesome, but there is an unawareness of it by him which is refreshing. He seems like a pretty good guy rather than falling into the standard TV cliche that because he's good looking, smart, talented, etc he must also be an asshole. And while Adam Baldwin's NSA agent is kind of an asshole, there is a nice moment that tells you that while he might not be a guy you'll ever root for, he is just doing his job and in the way he sees best. There were also some very cool stunts and location shots which I'm sure they won't be able to afford in subsequent episodes.

I won't get too much into the premise, but let's just say a bunch of very important information the government needs gets downloaded, into Chuck's brain. That seems very far fetched, and it is, but I was surprised how much the show's explanation as to what happened worked. At least I could tell they put some thought into it.

Speaking of Adam Baldwin, danceswithwords and I bit the bullet, well, downed some liquor, and watched SciFi's Sands of Oblivion starring Adam and Morena Baccarin. I didn't think it could possibly be worse than The Last Sentinel, I may have been wrong. 'Sands' has the slight advantage of being so bad it made me laugh. I've read bad fanfic that had better dialog than this film. And danceswithwords summed it up well when she said it seemed as if it was written by five different writers who never communicated with each other. One thing it did succeed in doing was getting me to swear off SciFi Saturdays. Of course, there is the Jamie Bamber exception to that rule. Now I shall pray that he doesn't have to succumb to this dreck after BSG wraps.

I'm sure all the BtVS fans have already heard, but Joss unexpectedly announced at Comic Con that Ripper is back on in the form of a ninety minute film. No U.S. distribution deal is in place, which probably means SciFi will be airing it six months after it airs in England and we'll have already found other ways to see it. ;)

Oh, and the Televisionary is reporting that Razor premieres November 24th. That would be...:: head desk ::...SciFi Saturday. Well, Jamie is in it. :p
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