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You just never think they are going to find a dead body by your office building...

But they did! OK, technically, it was on the next block over, but we could see the police tape and the cops out the window so, hey, close enough. The body was discovered in the trunk of a car that was parked on the wrong side of the road for two days. The car had been ticketed for said illegal parking at least twice. But guess who ends up contacting the police about the suspicious vehicle forcing them to do something about it? A family member looking for the car and the missing owner of the car. Missing owner is apparently the guy in the trunk. It's not like there aren't body dumps around here, but it's usually in the woods, not on a busy street across from the courthouse.

In less gruesome, but also disturbing news, I fear I'm becoming one of those people who thinks all TV is crap. Or at least not worth my time. The only two shows I'm truly enjoying watching right now (putting aside DVD box sets) are Burn Notice and repeats of Carnivale on HBO. I gave Saving Grace another shot last night and I just don't see the point of the show. Grace is a mess and God wants to give her a chance to save herself, but all we get is a lame ass case that I figured out almost immediately, Grace boozing and slutting around, and a bunch of silliness involving Earl the angel. And who thought showing a guy spit chewing tobacco into a bottle was a good idea? As much as I like Holly Hunter, I just can't be bothered with this directionless mess.

I had meant to mention Mad Men after last week's episode, but forgot. I'm thinking that may be a sign. The series is well written, well acted, and it seems to be a critical darling. It also has an easy on the eyes lead. Yet, it leaves me cold. I find it hard to care about any of the characters and I have to care about the characters to care about the show. Plus, there is the misogyny issue. The way women were treated during that era is captured well here, too well, because it pisses me off to see women treated as some inferior thing instead of a person. Yes, I am aware this still happens today, but, thankfully, it's not something I have ever encountered and it's certainly not entertaining to watch.

Oh, there will be one more thing for me to watch this week, The Nine returns tomorrow night at 10:00pm est. Woo!

In even better news, the_royal_anna is now officially a Battlestar Galactica fan. :) And has succumbed to The Bamber. This makes me so happy I can overlook her interest in Lee/Kara. Nobody's perfect. ;)
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