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You just never think they are going to find a dead body by your office building...

But they did! OK, technically, it was on the next block over, but we could see the police tape and the cops out the window so, hey, close enough. The body was discovered in the trunk of a car that was parked on the wrong side of the road for two days. The car had been ticketed for said illegal parking at least twice. But guess who ends up contacting the police about the suspicious vehicle forcing them to do something about it? A family member looking for the car and the missing owner of the car. Missing owner is apparently the guy in the trunk. It's not like there aren't body dumps around here, but it's usually in the woods, not on a busy street across from the courthouse.

In less gruesome, but also disturbing news, I fear I'm becoming one of those people who thinks all TV is crap. Or at least not worth my time. The only two shows I'm truly enjoying watching right now (putting aside DVD box sets) are Burn Notice and repeats of Carnivale on HBO. I gave Saving Grace another shot last night and I just don't see the point of the show. Grace is a mess and God wants to give her a chance to save herself, but all we get is a lame ass case that I figured out almost immediately, Grace boozing and slutting around, and a bunch of silliness involving Earl the angel. And who thought showing a guy spit chewing tobacco into a bottle was a good idea? As much as I like Holly Hunter, I just can't be bothered with this directionless mess.

I had meant to mention Mad Men after last week's episode, but forgot. I'm thinking that may be a sign. The series is well written, well acted, and it seems to be a critical darling. It also has an easy on the eyes lead. Yet, it leaves me cold. I find it hard to care about any of the characters and I have to care about the characters to care about the show. Plus, there is the misogyny issue. The way women were treated during that era is captured well here, too well, because it pisses me off to see women treated as some inferior thing instead of a person. Yes, I am aware this still happens today, but, thankfully, it's not something I have ever encountered and it's certainly not entertaining to watch.

Oh, there will be one more thing for me to watch this week, The Nine returns tomorrow night at 10:00pm est. Woo!

In even better news, the_royal_anna is now officially a Battlestar Galactica fan. :) And has succumbed to The Bamber. This makes me so happy I can overlook her interest in Lee/Kara. Nobody's perfect. ;)
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Dead bodies OMG! Crazy!

And re: TV being crap: it is hiatus for most shows. Remember when you didn't have time to keep up with fandom? This is your vacation! :) (I watched part of the first episode of Burn Notice, sort of accidentally, and thought it was pretty cool, but I haven't had the chance to seek it out since.) Plus, hiatus gives you time to catch up on box sets. And I don't know about you, but I have a loooooong, looooooong list of those. :)
And I don't know about you, but I have a loooooong, looooooong list of those.

Oh, you have no idea. My plan back in the spring was too plow through them all this summer, but, as usual, I get distracted by other things. Though, considering how 'meh' I am on these new shows, maybe I'll make more of an effort to start watching those DVDs.
I've been enjoying Psych and Burn Notice. I'm also on the fence about Mad Men. I used to love Rescue Me, but I don't like the direction the show is going this season. Eureka has been hit or miss this summer, but the sheriff is cute.

My TV life in one sentence bursts I guess. Oh, I'm still finishing Carnivale for the first time. 3 eps to go. The BSG connections are kind of interesting. Also just started The 4400, which seems potentially interesting.
Psych can be hit or miss for me. However, I love Gus and am very happy he is more of an equal this season.

I complained last week about Rescue Me. Not only does it seem to lack focus this season, some of the plot points are strange even by the show's standards. The STILL unnamed baby who is probably already emotionally scarred being the most glaring.

This is my second run through with Carnivale. I watched when it originally aired. The cool thing this time though is, like you, I am seeing many similarities with BSG. I actually hope to write up a few thoughts, but I need to see a few more eps first. There is a certain plot point I want to make reference too and my recollection of it is a bit murky.
For the most part, I enjoy Psych. And I soooo identified with Gus in the premiere while he was trying to watch the AI ripoff. You just do not attempt to talk to people during their shows! But if there is one thing that holds me back from *really* liking the show it's that James Roday needs to take it down a notch. Yes, it's meant to be a silly show and he's meant to be the butt of jokes, but he has a tendency to force lines and overplay the weird gesticulations when having a vision.

I saw the Saving Grace sneak peak too, but given it was a promo edited by advertising monkeys who probably didn't even watch the show I didn't give it much thought. It's a shame that the show doesn't make, well, I almost said more sense, but just plain sense would suffice. I usually enjoy Holly's work and I looked forward to her doing a weekly series.
I, like you, don't like how Rescue Me has been handling Mike's storyline. Or at least I think it was you. Killing off the chief also felt wrong. I think we disagree on the baby though. I want Tommy to give it to Sheila because otherwise I think it's going to end up dead. On this show I don't see how else it'll be resolved. Somehow I don't see Janet just snapping out of it or Tommy coming to the rescue. I guess they could do a close scare and then redemption, but where does the storyline go from there? It feels like Dennis Leary is jettisoning storylines (like the chiefs) that he doesn't want to deal with anymore.

I'm sort of ambivalent about Carnivale as it skirts a bit too much towards horror at moments and I get skeeved out (meeting Ben's family springs to mind). So we've been taking a break for a few weeks. I sort of just want to finish it up and see how I feel about it in retrospect.

You watch DS9? See the latest BSG casting spoiler?
Yep, it's me who doesn't like Mike's storyline. On the other hand, they've manage to make me feel even more sorry for him.

I do worry for the baby, I think Tommy is trying to be a good, if not spectacular, caregiver, but he's so wrapped up in his own problems he's not succeeding. But I don't see Sheila as a particularly good alternative to he and Janet. Though, he isn't privy to some of the crap we know about her. And give the kid a name!

I seem to recall liking S1 of Carnivale better than S2 which could have something to do with Ron's lack of input in the second season. (Eep! I'm paying him a compliment! ;) But I may feel differently now that I'm watching S1 and S2 back to back. I'm already picking up on things I missed the first time around.

I did watch DS9 periodically, know of the spoiler, and have too say I'm pleased.
Nana Visitor is to be in at least one episode. I wonder if she'll make jokes about James Callis looking like Alexander Siddig?
It's not like there aren't body dumps around here,

Not sure what makes me go @@ more, the dead body in the trunk across the road or that line...
Hee! Well, it's not like they happen every day! ;p But a co-worker, who lives in a very rural area, commented that it's not shocking when she sees on the news that they located some decomposed body in the woods not far from her. I mean, if people are going to dispose of a body, largely untraveled woods seem a better idea than downtown.
Wow, dude, that's kind of freaky! I hope you're doing okay. Did you manage to avoid actually seeing said body? The time I accidentally saw a dead body (car accident; I wasn't involved; not very gruesome; didn't see much) it freaked me out a whole hell of a lot more than I'd have thought considering really I just saw them pulling the blanket over the guy's face.

Well, anyway, I hope you're all right.

I know what you mean about TV (albeit in the UK). I watch, like, nothing these days. I don't even keep up properly with Doctor Who. Also, for a moment I got excited and thought by Saving Grace you meant you'd watched the awesome movie where Brenda Blethyn grows Cannabis in the backyard of her manor house and there are hilarious scenes of her - all dressed up like Hyacinth Bucket (houseproud older middle class woman) to meet with London drug dealers. It's awesome! And sounds far better than that TV show.

*pines for BSG*

*and Laura*

*and Lee*
Did you manage to avoid actually seeing said body?

All we could see from the window was the car and some police. And my main curiosity in checking out what was going on was to see how it was going to effect traffic with quitting time being only a few hours away. Two co-workers do go outside and walk down the street to see if they could see more. Weirdos!

And, yes, I'm fine. I don't traumatize easily. As being a BSG viewer proves. ;)

I've seen Saving Grace, the movie, and I very much agree that it's better than the TV show that shares it's name.

:: pines with you ::
And, yes, I'm fine. I don't traumatize easily. As being a BSG viewer proves. ;)

I dunno, I don't feel particularly macho re: trauma! :p But seriously, good to know you're doing okay.

I've seen Saving Grace, the movie, and I very much agree that it's better than the TV show that shares it's name.

Yay! Everyone should see that movie. It is teh awesome. :)
I can't imagine watching Saving Grace if one isn't a christian. I mean, I don't give a fuck if she sleeps with married men (their problem, not hers) or drinks (driving isn't cool, but the plot dragged the character into that out of its own necessity), so what the hell does she need redemption for? And if you are all about the Jesus thing and believe that stuff makes people go to hell, kind of hypocritical to get off on watching other people do that sort of stuff on TV for your own entertainment.

Plus the angel wings looked ridiculous and the whole grand canyon thing was torn from a country music video.

If they want to call the show gutsy or whatever, they should say that the angel helped Timothy McVeigh get into heaven. See how forgiving those Jesus' folk really are.
Plus the angel wings looked ridiculous and the whole grand canyon thing was torn from a country music video.

It didn't help that they used that Dixie Chicks song in the promo. Oh, and this week Earl transported them to what he claimed was some ancient amphitheater in Greece for a fight, but looked like the set from the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials.

With your use of the term "gutsy" it suddenly strikes me that that is the problem here. The show thinks it's being cutting edge, but it's treating good/bad in simplistic and antiquated terms. Grace drinks too much, smokes too much, can be prone to violence, and sleeps around and for all that she's bound for hell? Really? Sure, she's not someone I'd want to hang out with in my spare time, but I'd hardly put her and Timothy McVeigh in the same category.
Well firstly, what a desperately sad - as well as gruesome - thing to happen, and I'm so sorry. How awful for the family - and not at all nice for any of you working nearby, either.

On a more frivolous front, it occurs to me that "succumbed" may be the best word ever. Or at least my favourite thing to do. At least, where Jamie Bamber is concerned. :) I did dismiss him early on as "posh and ginger", but there was only so long that defence could last. ;) I think I was undone at the point of "articulate".

And hee, I'm glad you can forgive me the Kara/Lee. I did adore your Lee/Laura, so I hope that helps. :)
And hee, I'm glad you can forgive me the Kara/Lee. I did adore your Lee/Laura, so I hope that helps. :)

I have to forgive a lot of my friends the Lee/Kara. ;) And I know you are not part of the Lee/Laura Ewwwwww!!! club and that is much appreciated. :)

Did you know that I had watched two Hornblower films years ago and totally overlooked Jamie? I am deeply shamed. But then BSG came along and I found him interesting as Lee and when 'Bastille Day' (Episode 3) aired, well, the rest is history. ;-)

Lee/Kara, hah! So there is another one on your flist (although BSG is just a fond memory currently...)

As for hiatus tv, I am carefully not watching anything except Eureka, and plowing through Brothers and Sisters which came on UK tv, then I missed parts of, so now am downloading the lot.

And anyway as far as I can tell, I'm not missing much over your way.
Oh, most of the BSG fans on my Flist are either L/K shippers or have no ship preferences and I feel so alone sometimes! ::sniff, sniff::

Nope, you're not missing much from my way.
The body was discovered in the trunk of a car that was parked on the wrong side of the road for two days. The car had been ticketed for said illegal parking at least twice.

Aieeee. How dramatic, and not in a good way. (In SF, the car would have been towed in hours; whether the body would have been discovered before it started stinking up the impound lot is another story...)

The only three shows airing now that I'm currently watching are Eureka, Burn Notice, and Jericho; I've got Farscape re-watching and Due South stacked up on the DVD player. This seems to be as much as I can possibly handle. And, of course, this week is shark week.
It was 90 degrees when the body was discovered. We all assumed that was the tip off that it was there, not people out searching for the car.

I need to get back to DS. I seem to watch 6 or 8 eps at a time then put it aside for weeks,
I've been utterly coopted by Reality TV. It has to be about food, design, real estate or fashion. Which leaves a ton of scope.

Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Miami Ink (ok,a slight stretch), What not to wear (UK and US), Anycountry's Top Model, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Restaurant Makeover, Relocation Relocation etc.

I'm in TV heaven.

I have been watching Top Chef, but mostly for the culinary creations. Not that I'll ever make them, but I find it interesting to see others put the ingredients together.
Holy Smokes! It's one thing to read about something like that, it's another to actually be in the vicinity when it's found.

It used to be that summer was the season of mid-season variety shows (Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, and Bobby Darin). Those were much more entertaining that most reality shows. I have succumbed to the lure of baseball this summer, after telling myself I would not let the Cubs lure me in again. Hah! They had to go an play good baseball and be within a game of first place. I just know there may be heartbreak at the end of this - again. But I can't help it.

Speaking of baseball, I have found one show that is interesting, and not just for the baseball content. It's on ESPN, and it's an 8-part series called The Bronx is Burning. It's about the tumultuous 1977 New York Yankees baseball season, told within the backdrop of the Son of Sam killings. You wouldn't think at first that they would mesh, but they do. They use actual news footage insterpersed with the show very skillfully. And the cast is very good - John Tuturro is Billy Martin, Oliver Platt is George Steinbrenner, Daniel Sunjata is Reggie Jackson. Daniel is surprising me with his performance, it's really good. The cops are led by Stephen Lang, who is also excellent.
I meant to check out The Bronx is Burning, but forgot. Maybe I'll catch a marathon on ESPN 99 one of these days. ;)
Crap. I forgot The Nine was even on last night (too busy watching the extras on the Hot Fuzz DVD).