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Usually I'm happy when it's Friday

I've been discussing the latest LJ debacle on various other LJs. I'm just going to say this for now, I'm not outraged by what LJ did because when dealing with HP fandom and NC17 fic/art artists are treading a fine line (especially if the rumors of Warner Brothers being involved in this are true), but how LJ handled the matter leaves me shaking my head. WHEN will they learn? Just explain why you are doing this. After all, you do have legal grounds here. Sigh.

In more bad news, with a bit of good news thrown in. Courtesy of the Televisionary:

Paul Blackthorne has signed on to the ABC series 'Big Shots'. Which should make it pretty damn clear that The Dresden Files is over. :( First SG1, now 'Dresden', and soon(ish) BSG. SciFi is close to dead to me. Oh, the good news in this (for me) is that Michael Vartan stars in Big Shots so I'm looking forward to Harry and Vaughn interacting. ;)

FOX pushes 'New Amsterdam' to mid season. I was mostly looking forward to the show because of the lead actor, it might not be very good, but I get the feeling it's pretty much doomed now. Especially if it comes back to the schedule on Fridays. However, I'm happy that Bones is once again paired with House. They may be the last two scripted dramas standing at the rate FOX is going with the 'alternative' TV.
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