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Is It August 30th Yet?

It’s only Tuesday, technically Wednesday, and I cannot wait for this week to be over. Work was a nightmare today (and it wasn’t awesome yesterday), the 'highlight' of which was me almost making a secretary cry. I think. It’s hard to tell when you’re on the phone, but she was getting extremely agitated. Is it my fault I’ve given her the same information repeatedly (and later found out, so have others) and she just can’t absorb what is being told to her? Sigh.

Then there is the fandom upheaval. Here’s the deal, I’m not leaving LJ. Nor am I cross-posting using Semagic. Not now and not any time in the foreseeable future. When it comes to PR, LJ/Six Apart has exhibited gross incompetence. But I deal with that, short-sightedness and just a general lack of giving a damn five days a week. So I guess I just can’t work up a lot of emotion with the current situation. This is something that (unfortunately) goes on in every single business and, yes, LJ is a business. All the other journals may seem like safe, happy places now, but it’s just a matter of time before they encounter their own problems.

A bigger concern for me than my personal LJ, is what the heck I’d do with jamiebambernews should there be a great migration. I know people who don’t even have LJ’s use it as a resource so, down the road, I may look into something independent of a journaling site to host it. But that means work and I think we all know I like to avoid that. ;) I did archive it as I did my LJ because, even if LJ was a perfect place for fandom to gather, they could suffer some sort of catastrophic technical failure.

Anyway, should people get fed up and leave I have every intention of trying to stay in touch. All the journal communities have friends lists and I’m certainly willing to make the effort to use them even if I have no plans on posting there. I’m asta77 on IJ and GJ. If I get a Journal Fen account I’ll, hopefully, be able to retain MY name there. I’ve already friended people who I’ve seen post links in regards to GJ and IJ, but if I’ve missed you friend me and I’ll make sure to friend you back.

In happier fandom news, Dragon Con is not too far away. Woo! I’m trying to not wait until the last minute to organize and make plans this year. But besides danceswithwords, brynnmck, and sdwolfpup who I’ll be sleeping with…so to speak…I’m starting to lost track of who all is going this year. So give me a heads up if you plan on attending. As far as sharing contact info I’m leaving this a public post so if you have any interest in meeting up feel free to e-mail me at

I’ve also started looking at the programming tracks and making a tentative schedule. I know guests and panels can change even once the Con has started, but much of this will probably remain the same. It would *really* help if the Stargate people could get their act together and get a preliminary schedule up on their site. Trek Trak is totally kicking your asses!

No surprise, my priority will be the BSG panels. Or, more bluntly, if Jamie is on a panel, I’m there. In order of importance behind BSG/Jamie is Stargate, Star Trek, Firefly, and Farscape. I have no plans to attend James and Juliet’s panels, but I included a listing of them below for those who do wish to see them.

Bits of oddness I noticed in scheduling…some genius scheduled a Farscape and Firefly panel in the same room at the same time…the Firefly panels may force others to readjust since in addition to Ron Glass and Mark Sheppard, Adam Baldwin is now appearing…Mark Sheppard is not listed on a single BSG panel. Huh?

So, as of right now, without a clue as to when the Stargate panels will be, this is what my Con is looking like:

1:00 Star Trek vs The New BSG – Centennial II and III
James Marsters and Juliet Landau – Regency 6 and 7

4:00 Firefly Panel – Centennial I

10:00/11:30 The Buffy Horror Picture Show – International South

11:30 Two Guys, A Girl, and A Battlestar (Hee! Love the name. :) - Centennial II and III

1:00 Trek Trak Show with Gates, Frakes, and Spiner – Regency VI and VII
Firefly – Centennial II
Farscape – Centennial II and III
(As you can see, it’s a busy hour. Wanna bet they schedule a ‘Gate’ panel too? :p)

4:00 Star Trek Guest Stars – Centennial II and III (The only reason this interests me at all is John DeLancie is scheduled)
James and Juliet – Regency 6 and 7

10:00 BSG Colonial Fleet Party – Courtland (?)
11:30 The Shindig – International North

1:00 Frakes, Gates, & Spiner – Centennial II and III
James and Juliet – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 Farscape Cast – Hanover C-E

4:00 BSG Reunion – Centennail II and III
Firefly – Centennial I

10:00 Star Trek v Stargate – Centennial II and III

11:30 BSG: Prepare to Cast off – Centennial II and III

1:00 ST:TNG Cast Reunion – Centennial II and III (though I’ll actually be heading for the airport. )

OK, on a totally unrelated note, I've been watching repeats of Season 4 of The O.C. on SoapNet. Two questions: Did the Cohen's ever officially adopt Ryan? I know they thought of him as theirs, but there seems to be a lot more "our son" and "my son" statements and I swear I heard Ryan use the term "our dad". And did they decide to write Ryan as being happier or was Ben Mackenzie so thrilled to be rid of Mischa he just couldn't stop smiling?
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