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Happy Happy, Joy Joy - No, Really!

Many, many weeks ago I got this idea. Many people, myself included, were going through not great periods in their life. Since that time, things have gone from bad to worse for many of us whether it’s because of job woes or family woes or LJ stupidity or the 'no global warming my ass' weather. Now, more than ever, we need to look at what makes us happy.

Some things are tough to share. I’m not going to illegally rip and upload movies. I could upload songs, but that involves work for me since I’m one of those people who doesn’t have massive amounts of music saved to their hardrive. I could share vid and fic links, but, eh, we’ve all been there, done that. Eventually, what I thought it would be great is if each of us had a Happy Post! A post we could always come back to if we are feeling blue or grouchy or bitter. And I thought it would be great to share with others what can help turn our sour moods around. Once that came to me, I headed to YouTube. Let me say I’ve spent more time there is recent weeks than I have in…how long has YouTube been in existence? Of course, I didn’t expect to find half of what I was looking for, but I would search whatever popped into my mind on the off chance it was there. About half this list is made up of , “What?! Really? Someone else likes that enough to upload?!”

So these are my YouTube Top Ten, Er, Eleven Happy Moments. Some are old favorites, some new, and one was, imho, a spectacular find. (And apologies danceswithwords, I know how you loathe musicals. ;)

Singin’ in the Rain - Good Mornin!

Singin’ in the Rain is my favorite film musical. I defy anyone to watch it and not be filled with joy. I can be in the worst mood imaginable and this film will still bring a smile to my face. It’s a tough call between this number and ‘Moses Supposes’ as my favorite, but my awe at Debbie Reynolds, who didn’t know how to dance before she made this film, wins me over.

1776 – But Mr. Adams

A musical comedy about the creation of the Declaration of Independence. I’m sure that description would turn a lot of people off. I recall my mother encouraging me to watch this one and I have to admit I didn’t really get into it at first. But then along came this number declaring John Adams “obnoxious and disliked”, our founding fathers trying to get out of writing the dame thing, and Ben Franklin doing high kicks down a staircase. It was one of the funniest and most entertaining numbers I have ever scene and the film has grown to be one of my favorites and regular July 4th viewing.

Black Adder the Third – ‘Dish and Dishonesty’

And here’s one of the reasons we were driven to seek our independence! ;) ‘Dish and Dishonesty’ is my favorite Black Adder episode of all four series. The reason for that is the election coverage scene. I still wonder what the hell a rotten borough is, but from the introduction of it’s sole resident, Colin, the dog, to Edmund reading the blatantly fraudulent election results I’m left in tears from laughing so hard.

WKRP in Cincinnati – Turkey’s Away!

I don’t think any explanation is needed for this one. It’s the funniest damn episode US television has produced.

Angel – ‘Dead End’ – ‘L.A. Song’

The Tiny Texan can sing! Who knew? Not only is it a great song and performance by Christian Kane (and he had good hair and wardrobe :), there are some priceless reactions for Angel and Co., especially Wes’s horror at Angel’s mention of ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

Paperback Hero – Hugh Jackman – ‘Cryin’

There is a story behind this one. I discovered Hugh Jackman, as many did, because Dugray Scott was trapped on the set of ‘Mission Impossible 2’ because of X-Men. As I do, if I discover an actor I really, really, really like I try to get my hands on anything they have appeared in. As luck would have it, a week or so after seeing X-Men I found out that a film he did in Australia, Paperback Hero was airing on cable. It’s a cute romantic comedy, but what is significant about it is that it led to the discovery that Hugh could sing, well! Actually, he tones down his ability here, but, still, it was a jaw dropping moment for me – looks, acting, *and* singing ability. ::swoons::

Chasing Amy

If you’re even a casual Kevin Smith fan you know that he puts Star Wars references in every one of his films. He gave us the classic line, and one I use often, “That’s the worst idea I’ve heard since Greedo shooting first.” But, for me, his funniest bit came in Chasing Amy as Hooper decries the original trilogy as racist, demonstrating how the whites strive to keep the black man down with Luke as their Nazi poster boy. I remember the first time I saw this movie and that scene and had tears running down my face for about ten minutes *after* the scene ended.

OZ – Season 5 – ‘Impotence’

Beecher and Keller, how I adore your massively F***ed up relationship and your frequent boy kissing. I had to include one of their kisses on this list, but which one? The first kiss? The makeup kiss? The goodbye kiss? Ultimately, this kiss won me over because it hit upon so many of my kinks. The reunion after a long time apart (this is the last episode of Season 5 and their only scene together). The two conveying their feelings, not through words, but through their facial expressions. And, most importantly, they kiss through bars. This was the series that confirmed my prison kink. First there was Lee and Laura in the brig. Then there was Archie and Horatio in El Ferrol. But Oz gave what those other series failed to, kissing through bars!

GLAAD Awards – Lee Teregsen and Chris Meloni

Personally, I think it’s just awesome that two heterosexual actors feel so comfortable about who they are and love their characters and fans so much that they’d kiss, and not just a quik peck, at an awards show. Nuff said.

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Gag Reel

This is my favorite part of the Season 1 gag reel. Not just because of the bouncy music. Or because it’s a group of very talented people who are best known for being very, very serious and suddenly they are being very, very goofy. And not just because of James’s “Baltarstar Galactica”. But because I still remember seeing this at DragonCon for the first time two years ago, at a Richard Hatch Q&A, with sdwolfpup sitting next to me, and both of us cracking up.

Jamie Bamber – Peak Practice

No surprise, I did a Jamie Bamber search on YouTube. Most of the footage I had seen before and the other clip I hadn’t, footage from Ultimate Force, I still have not steeled myself to watch. But I saw this clip and wondered why anyone would post a mere 49 seconds from the episode of Peak Practice he appeared in. I’ve never heard much about this show. I had seen a few stills. And 49 seconds couldn’t possibly be an entire scene, so WHY? Well, I now know why. I shall let you see and enjoy for yourself. Meanwhile, I’ll be in my bunk….and eternally grateful to anyone who could help me get my hands on the entire episode. ;)

And I dedicate this to beccatoria because a) she had a crappy day the other day, b) it's her birthday, Happy Birthday!, and c) I suck at getting actual gifts put together on time. ;-)
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Ooh, this was an excellent idea (which I might snag from you. ;) I *love* that scene from Chasing Amy. And the last clip of Jamie? Eek. Yeah, there's the one I adore. ;)
Please, snag away! We need more smile inducing posts around here right now.

The Jamie clip made me go "Eek!" as well. ;) How did I not know about that sooner?!
If I made out with Jamie for 49 seconds, I'd totally post it on YouTube. :P

My favorite part of that Angel scene is when Angel says "Is everyone drunk??"

I'll watch more of the gleeful vids later. Yay!
DB is just awesome in that scene. He and CK played so well off each other. They reached all new levels of snark!
This is great, thank you! You have some of my favorites here too, such as Singin' in the Rain, 1776, WKRP, and I can add two new favorites - Jamie's scene, and Hugh doing justice to one of my favorite songs :) Even toned down he sounded great!
When I was putting this together I knew you, at least, would appreciate the '1776' inclusion. :)

And I thought Hugh sounded great there as well, then I got my hands on the Australian cast recording of Beauty and the Beast and was blown away by his voice.
I might just snag this idea as well myself. :P

I love that Chasing Amy scene. Best part of the movie.
You compiling YouTube vids?! ;)

I wholeheartedly agree that that scene in CA is the best part of the movie. Overall, I think it's one of Kevin's better films, but it falls apart after the characters hook up.
*hisses and sprinkles holy water on musicals*

Now I'm feeling all nostalgic for Lindsey and his evil, evil hand.
Just to annoy you, I may have to bring a musical to DC. ;)

I've watched some Angel eps on TNT recently and was reminded of how much I loved the Angel/Darla/Lindsey dynamic. And sadly how Joss saw fit to assassinate Lindsey's character, then Lindsey himself, in Season 5. Boo!
I love that Black Adder episode so much. The election coverage is just too funny.
I have the third series on DVD, yet every time I come across that ep on BBC America I *have* to stop and watch.
The tiny texan makes everything better. (The Kane concert in Chicago magically healed me from a depression, I swear!)

Sorry to hear things were crappy for you. I start to believe that being a grown up means having to deal with "not so great periods of time" a lot.
I start to believe that being a grown up means having to deal with "not so great periods of time" a lot.

It does indeed. It's like somewhere between 34 and 35 life decides to throw everything at you and see if you survive with your sanity intact.
Oh what a fun idea, and I love your choices. Chasing Amy *kills* me in just those same spots.
Claudia Karvan was Natira in Farscape - a very different view of that actress!

Hugh did a fabulous job on Broadway as Curly in Oklahoma as well.
Re: Hugh
I remember reading about Claudia being cast in Farscape and going, "I know her!" ;)

I have Oklahoma on DVD and got to see him twice in The Boy from Oz. I really wish they had filmed that show. He was awesome in it. And can he high kick! :)
Dude - this is awesome! And thanks for the birthday wishes/dedication - YouTube is one of the greatest things known to man the internet when it comes to cheering you up. I am totally going to take some time to watch through all these and probably to a copy-cat post.

But that might end up occuring next week as it's extremely late here and I really ought to go to bed and I'll likely be busy most of the weekend. But I didn't want to let this fly by on my flist without commenting because, in a word: awesomeness!
Glad you liked it. :) And I'd love to see what you come up with. I wanted to include something 'Star Wars' related, but you know George and his pack of eager attorneys. ;p

This is such a fabulous list! The Singin' in the Rain clip alone has made my day, and my top ten would definitely have to include that clip from Dead End. It's such a triple helping of delight - first there's Lindsay's singing, and then the other's reactions to his singing, and then Angel's reaction to the others. :) I enjoyed the BSG 1 gag reel, and oh! I had completely passed over Peak Practice clips in my Jamie Bamber YouTube trawl, since the show always irritated me. I'm now seeing that was an oversight. :)

Thank you for sharing these - it's a marvellous idea and definitly gave me something to smile about.
'Dead End' is one of my favorite episodes of Angel. It may have been my favorite until 'Smile Time' and then it became a tough call. Actually, I didn't even check to see if they had any Puppet!Angel clips. Darn. ;)

I knew nothing about Peak Practice other than it was a medical soap opera. And I have a feeling that is the best scene EVA from the series. :D
Awww! Thank you for these! :)

Make Em' Laugh in Singing in the Rain is one of my favorite movie musical dance numbers ever, BTW.
You're welcome. :)

'Make Em' Laugh' is an excellent choice too. I don't think Donald O'Conner ever quite got his due. When I watch 'Moses Supposes' I always notice that there were a few things he did better than Gene Kelly.