Asta 2

New BSG Promo!

I'm watching OMG This Is Boring and We're Losing BSG for This? Flash Gordon and a new 20-30 second promo just aired for Razor. It doesn't tell us anything new, but we get some new images. 'Flash' gets repeated at 10:30est so set your DVRs!
Thanks for the heads-up! My TiVo buffer still had the preview in it, so I'm downloading it now and will post it in an hour or two. :)
OMG! New! Can't watch *cry* Would you?.. *worships asts77's DVR*
Thanx! I think i saw the link at your lj a couple of hours later i was asking but i'll check your link too. Thanx again!
After BSG wraps up, me and skiffy are breaking up. For good. I feel like I've been dicked around for too long.
Other than BSG, the only thing I see upcoming that I think might be good is Tin Man.