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More Good Things and 'Flash Gordon'

First off, I'm watching General Hospital on SoapNet right now and they just had a promo for the 10,000th episode of One Life to Live and who did I see? Nathan Fillion! It's so weird seeing him back there, but he looked like he was having a lot of fun so I'll definitely check it out next week.

Apparently Dragon Con guest updates are not quite as widespread as I thought so, for those who don't know, Katee Sackoff has had to cancel, presumably for filming of The Bionic Woman. For those deeply disappointed by the news, I empathize. I went through the same thing two years ago when Jamie had to cancel and, who knows, he may yet have something come up. If that should happen, the blow would be cushioned by...OMG CLAUDIA BLACK IS GOING TO BE AT DC! This is unbelievable news for three reasons. One, outside of a few official Farscape cons, she doesn't do cons. Two, I've heard she doesn't do autographs and most of the attendees come to make more than a few bucks off of those. And, three, she'll be in an advanced state of pregnancy. danceswithwords and I think MGM may have a little bit to do with her appearance - wanting to keep the enthusiasm up for SG1 while we endure the wait for those DVD releases and she seems like a good sport.

In TV viewing, I'm enjoying Burn Notice more each week. And I'm sure that had nothing to do with Jeffrey Donovan in a tight black tee. Nope, nothing at all. ;) The other thing I liked is the show finally crossed that line and had Michael really get his hands dirty by being involved in a murder. Thus far, the people he's gone after have either been arrested or allowed to get away. Michael's fulfilled his commitment to the people who have employed him, keeping them safe, but the show has never addressed what about potential victims outside of Miami once the perpetrators flee? No, that isn't Michael's problem. In his former line of work he couldn't become consumed with thoughts of crimes yet to happen or collateral damage. He'd have a job to do and that had to be his focus. He's merely taking the same approach to his work now.

He doesn't have to pull the trigger or plant the bomb here, he has a volunteer to do it for him, but you still see he's affected. It's not the who that is about to die that bothers him, but how the choices you have to make change you. In this case, he is doing a bad thing for a good reason, but how many supposedly good things has he done for bad reasons?

I'm not sure what to make of Fiona and Michael's hook up, yet. Obviously there were/are a lot of unresolved feelings there and Fiona wants to address them, but Michael is completely unwilling. The morning after they both have that 'this was a mistake' reaction, but is it because what they had is really over or because it's just too soon to try and get that back?

I had very, very low expectations for Flash Gordon and the show managed to meet those expectations and go lower. I mean, I wasn't counting on offensive Mexican stereotypes. Or costumes apparently designed by a Project Runway reject. And there was the makeup which perhaps was meant as a homage to the 1980's film, but considering the bad acting, cringe inducing writing, and overall crappy production values I just assumed this was another aspect of the producers laziness. Thirty minutes in I was longing for the 1980 version and the Hawkmen to come flying in. At least that film had a sense of cheesy fun about it. It seriously pisses me off that we lose SG1 and the flawed, but at least they gave a damn The Dresden Files for this dreck.

And who thought Eric Johnson could carry a series? Maybe he had his fans on Smallville and I'm just not aware of them. He's not as hot as they keep telling us he is, his acting is mediocre at best, and he has zero charisma. Not to mention no chemistry with the actress playing Dale (who sucks as well). I may have to change my meter from "It's 'Painkiller Jane' bad" to "It's 'Flash Gordon' bad".

I saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday and have to agree that it is the best of the series and one heck of an action movie. I can't recall the last time I saw an action film this will put together. Tight script (very few plot holes - I can only recall one that was probably due to editing), great pacing, good acting, and it felt like a satisfying conclusion to the series (though the door was left cracked open for another film). And while the hand held camera technique can be distracting I think it works for these movies. Not only do you feel like you are in the action, but it helps to cover up when we are seeing the stunt guy as opposed to Matt Damon.
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