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More Dragon Con News

This isn't an addition to get me excited, but Elisabeth Rohm has now been added to the guest list. I'm guessing they'll squeeze her into a couple of the Spike/Dru panels. No offense, but I don't think there was enough interest in her or Kate to warrant a solo Q&A.

Also, Ellen Muth is back again this year. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the Dead Like Me DVD film that is forthcoming.

And, yes, I may be obsessively checking the site for updates with it being less than three weeks away. Eep!
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I love that Ellen Muth's bio doesn't mention DLM at all but does mention "teenage Lesbianism".

I loved Elisabeth on L&O... can't say I have seen her in anything else.

*chanting Trucco...Trucco...while reloading the site constantly*
Ok, odd Ellen doesn't mention DLM since that's what she's known for.

::chants Trucco with you::

Sorry, I'm still all hyper about that. :)
Our we going to have to tranquilize you before her panels? On the brightside, with you and danceswithwords fangirling Claudia, my Bamber fangirling will pale in comparison. ;p
I won't need to be tranquilized--I'll be paralyzed with Claudia's awesome, so I'll just sit there with a big dumb grin on my face. There may also be giggling. I will be harmless, but useless, so you'll need to be in charge of making sure DWW obeys the terms of the restraining order.

And I don't think ANYTHING pales in comparison to your Bamber fangirling, babe. ;)
It's so amusing how DWW has gone from 'I don't know about any of this' before last years con to restraining order territory this year. :)
She will at least need to be in charge of making sure there's a paper bag for me to breathe into through any and all panels.
I'm so relieved that she apparently doesn't do autographs. That will keep my peering around corners and shrieking at the Walk of Fame to a minimum. And, in turn, y'all will be able to use that bail money for something more constructive.
HEE! See my comment to Asta above. :)

EEEEEE I'm so excited for this! *bounces* All of it, not just Claudia. Though she is a lovely unexpected bonus. :D
Maybe she'll make an exception and do autos at DC. She could start those college funds. ;)