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Release Date for 'Razor' on DVD and Season 1 in HD

The full write up from TV Shows on DVD.

Razor will be out December 4th at a retail price of $26.98 (I'm guessing around $19.99 at Best Buy and Amazon). BSG in HD, also due on the 4th, will cost $99.98 retail (yikes!), but does look to have more extras. The 'Picture in Picture - Behind the Scenes of the Mini' sounds intriguing. Considering I have neither an HD TV or DVD player, this purchase is a long way off for me.
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Season 3 is suppose to be out in your neck of the woods in September, but from the Amazon UK listing it looked to be another no frills version. When it's suppose to hit shelves in the U.S., no idea.
Ah yes thanks for reminding me, but yeah if I'm going to get it it would be the US version I'd get - I'm deeply unimpressed that we don't get the extras here - and they wonder why people from outside region 1 buy region 1 discs and sets?? If they made the same sets etc available to all then we wouldn't need to!! (gets off soapbox) *grins*