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'The Nine' Pulled AGAIN from ABC's Schedule

Well, I think we all predicted this. Now we can sit back and wait for the announcement that they'll make the final episodes available online.

And, yes, I am spamming you this afternoon. Do you have a problem with that? I'm cranky and need distracting so that means spam people.

Oh, Happy Birthday! to gobi_rex - who does not make me cranky. ;)
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and I just snagged the free pilot on iTunes to see if the series was any good.

I guess its more ninja warrior viewing again.
Maybe they'll end up streaming all the eps online or put them out on DVD. I can add it to my collection of Lasted One Season or Less box sets.
sonavbitch. I caught the Nine again last week after missing the episode from the week before. I wonder if the ratings system is screwed up given the oddly low ratings. Then again, did ABC promote the return of THE NINE any?
I saw one or two commercials for the show, but I wouldn't call it a promotional campaign.
Thanks very much!

I'm sorry to hear about The Nine. [kicks ABC] And crap like According to Jim gets reruns?
You're welcome very much. And I like your icon. ;)

According to Jim defies explanation. No one will admit watching it, yet it keeps getting renewed, mostly to fill holes in ABC's schedule.

re-runs of Jim.

my heart is all aflutter.


*very dry