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And the answer is...shows that take place on the west coast

At last, another new series that didn't leave me deeply disappointed. I can't say that Californication presents a likable bunch of characters, yet I did find myself caring - the key to getting me to tune into a show past the first ep or two. Hank is a drunken, washed up, pathetic, womanizer and he knows it. He just can't seem to find a way to dig himself out of the hole he's practically buried himself in. And kudos to David Duchovny for not only succeeding in not making me think of Fox Mulder once, but also conveying the self-loathing and pain Hank is feeling. David has always shown a knack for comedy so I expected him to do well with the dark humor, but the pathos? That was a pleasant surprise. He's actually a better actor than I gave him credit for.

I also loved the girl cast as his daughter. She wasn't annoyingly cute or trying to act much older than her age. I bought her as a twelve year old, one that may be wise beyond her years as a product of such dysfunctional parents, yet is emotionally insecure and fragile. And even with their faults, her parents seem genuinely concerned about her. Though, I am stumped on how she got to that party without them knowing.

I was more than a little disturbed to see cute, sweet, innocent Gracie from The Nanny stark naked and engaging in rough sex with a man old enough to be her father. If Madeline Zima was looking to create a new image, she succeeded.

My one quibble with the show is the sex and nudity. I think it’s established I'm no prude, but I do take issue with having breasts bob up and down on my screen simply because it's pay cable and they can do it. Not to mention, it's a distraction. Or maybe I was the only one playing the Real/Fake game.

I mentioned recently that I'd been watching the final season of The O.C. on SoapNet. Tonight was the series finale which I had watched parts of when it first aired, but not the entire episode. I also hadn't seen the penultimate episode previously and now having done so the finale was rather jarring. Julie and Frank were dating and suddenly she's knocked up and marrying Bullet. Ryan finally tells Taylor he loves her and now they're split up. It was a little disheartening to see all the disconnections after watching them all walk out of the hospital a very blended family just one episode before.

I know I shouldn't criticize too harshly since FOX didn't give them a whole lot of time to wrap up loose ends, and, overall, I do think the writers succeeded more than they failed. I'm still, 'Yeah, right!', to the couple giving up their home to the Cohens, but it was rather humorous to see the whole extended family show up on their doorstep and take over. And after all the crap that's happened in Newport, it made sense for Kirsten and Sandy to want to start fresh elsewhere with the new baby and the boys going off on their own. It felt like a very satisfying ending, everyone growing up and moving on and finding happiness, and I'm not sure it could have been achieved if Marissa was still around.
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Great you like Californication cos i love it (the Pilot at least). I adore DD since he was Mulder and was so happy to see him in screen again in such good role to play with. I like casting and there's no annoying things for me and the dialogues were great so i look forward to watch the whole season.
I agree the casting was good across the board and there was some snappy dialogue. I'm interested to see where they go with the rest of the season.
Yeah, there are many possibilities for the characters to develop so i have my hopes :) Of course it's early to tell that i'll love all season but at least i hope it'll be that way cos you know - the more DD on screen (for me) the better :) Did you see him at Leno? Hilarious :)
"I was more than a little disturbed "

I thought it was a whole lot of disturbing. If the networks can joke about statutory rape on Ugly Betty, might as well as get away with the real thing on cable... Honestly, I'm sick of the whole messed up dude just wanders into sex storylines. I've avoided Rescue Me because of it.

I'm really skeeved out by the combo Weeds / Californication ads. You can see them online but also on netflix wrappers. They totally gave Mary Loise Parker the Keira Knightly fake sideboob treatment. And David I didn't need to see naked.

Good News: PainKiller Jane is canceled (although they'll run the full 22 eps they shot). No second season.

Bad News: They canceled it because they thought Flash Gordon did better than expected...
The show is built on a mountain of cliches and they even acknowledge it to an extent. However, whereas Ugly Betty made light of Daniel believing he slept with an underage girl (I didn't care about his downward spiral, he still should have acknowledged how serious the issue was), at least DD and the writers chose to convey the horror of the situation. Hank was stunned when he realized what he had done and, after leaving, instead of any hint of 'Hey! I just did it with a teenager!' he showed, to me at least, that he realized how low he had sunk. Granted, they could turn around and have him have an affair with the girl then I'll take back everything I just said, but, with just one ep to consider, I'm not going to get pissed off...yet.

I stopped watching 'Rescue Me' a few weeks ago for other reasons, but I did notice from a commercial I saw last night that Tommy is back to the bed hopping. Sigh.

I've only seen the edited ads for Weeds/Californication up on the TV Guide website and it sounds like I don't want to see anymore than that.

YAY! to PK getting the axe. The 'Flash Gordon' news neither shocks nor upsets me. I expected the premiere to do fairly well. Most Sci-fi fans will try anything once. But I'll be curious to see where the ratings go from here. I haven't seen a single positive post about the series.
"at least DD and the writers chose to convey the horror of the situation. "

I can mostly buy that. Mostly because part of the horror is the fact that he's potentially caught or has to deal with her being his daughter's potential step-sister.

If Michelle Forbes makes a cameo I'll watch it.