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For the James Marsters Fans and Non-Fans of 'Painkiller Jane'

James is joining the cast of 'Without a Trace'.

No spoilers beyond what character he'll be playing.

SciFi has pulled the plug on Painkiller Jane! WOO! Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first time I can recall that they've cancelled a show in it's first season with episodes still left to air. Sadly, the remaining eps will still air. Sadder, Flash Gordon had SciFi's biggest premiere of the year. Considering all the negativity I've read, I'm foreseeing those ratings nosedive...I hope.
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hooray for the dead of jane!

and here's hoping for a quick death for flash as well. i loved the movie as a kid, and have a respect for its history pre-me, but yeah, it needs to go.