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Nothing about that actor from that Sci Fi series this time

But there is this other actor from another sci fi series by the name of Nathan Fillion who made his return to One Life To Live today. It was such fun to watch. Nathan spent his first several scenes with a big old grin on his face. Considering Joey was home for his grandfather's funeral, maybe not the best acting choice, but it was endearing to see him that happy to be back. And I was quite impressed with how into the role got. I didn't expect him to phone it in, but it was as if he'd been gone only a few weeks, not years. The chemistry he had with the actress who plays Dorian was even still there.

Another thing, getting all these characters past and present together, you start recalling who has slept with who's quite disturbing.

OK, Fiona most definitely wants a relationship. I'm not sure how I feel about her filling The Girlfriend role. I suppose it's natural that there comes a point where she wants to settle down and who knows her and understands her better than Michael? I did like that the supposed continuation of their 'date' on the beach was actually just her way of getting him to help with a job. And it was nice that she got to be the one to bring in the money for a change; even nicer that Michael didn't do it for the money.

I thought trying to make Michael jealous with Tom was a bit lame accept it seemed to work to an extent. Not that Michael thought she was really interested in the guy, but that there could be another guy at some point. And it amuses me that, off camera, Fiona is going to Sam with her relationship frustrations. It makes sense though - she has no one else to confide in and Sam can empathize since he has his own Michael frustrations.

Nice in-joke with Sam bringing up Spiderman as he and the fence listed celebrities who go by a single name.

But the line that really cracked me up was when Fiona suggested getting the Iranians to assist Michael and he responded with having Michael Weston and Jihad in the same sentence was not a good idea.

And I don't care if the broach was worth two million, it's one of the ugliest pieces of jewelry I've ever seen. What a waste of diamonds!
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Oh, thanks for the reminder! I really wanted to see that. I'll have to catch it on Soapnet. I remember when he was on the first time, even though I don't watch regularly anymore.

It's hilarious when I think back over who's been with who in the cast! Probably easier to list who HASN'T had sex, really.

Thanks, I'd have totally forgotten to watch if you hadn't posted. :.)
I haven't watched OLtL in years either, but Nathan is the only Joey I remember. Apparently he was #3 of 5, but he's the only one that went on to become a name so it makes sense they asked him to come back.

Probably easier to list who HASN'T had sex, really.

True. :) I'd forgotten what an evil ho Blair was!

I know Nathan is in today's ep, the 10,000th of the series, as well. And I thought he mentioned on his My Space page filming for a few days so maybe his last ep will be Monday's. With SoapNet I don't really worry about missing anything. Phew!
Crap. I didn't realize he'd be on Thursday too.

I have the DVR set to record today.

I don't think I get SoapNet, but I'm very stoopit about stuff like that.
I didn't know he was going to be on yesterday until I tuned in and the ep began with Asa's death and family being rounded up, otherwise I would have giving everyone a heads up.

My cable system just got SoapNet earlier this year. I didn't think I'd be using it at all and now I'm watching GH and repeats of The O.C.. If they'd just get the rights to Santa Barbara I'd be in heaven. :)
I thought trying to make Michael jealous with Tom was a bit lame accept it seemed to work to an extent. Not that Michael thought she was really interested in the guy, but that there could be another guy at some point.

I thought they really walked a fine line with that, but it actually worked. I think there's something about Michael's ambivalence, and Fiona's understanding of Michael's ambivalence, that made the whole situation come off less as stereotypical games and more as her pointing out to him that he does have a choice to make, there is a fork in the road, and there are consequences to that choice.
I agree. Fiona knows Michael isn't going to fall for a cheap ploy, but she also knows he'll just let things remain as is without making any sort of decision about their future. I think Tom was just her way of showing him that someone could come along and Michael would be left with the knowledge that he had his chance and blew it.

One thing that I forgot to mention last night and loved was how he opened the car door for her. It was a very couple-y thing to do and a small gesture to acknowledge that he saw her point and was going to make an effort.
There was also the way he got genuinely furious and scared when the FBI agent set Fiona up with the guns in her car as a way of letting Michael know that they could drag Fiona into his mess; he was all set to take the terrible security job after that just to keep her and his mom out of things. Donovan does a really got job of playing the subtle reactions to situations where she's involved, so that you can tell there are some feelings there, but they're messy.
Which grandfather? Victor Lord or Asa? I know I saw the 1st Joey, but he may have been a baby. lol Haven't watched OLtL for years, but I can go back to when Tommy Lee Jones was on and his character and Dorian had an affair. And I even remember when Vicki was married to Joe the first time. Nathan Fillion was very cute as Joey. Glad he was able to come back and seemed to really be having a good time of it. Know what's disturbing? Dorian was a young doctor having an affair with TLJ's and Joey was really far away from being born.
Asa died because of a contract dispute with his portrayer. The weird thing is it played like one of those soap deaths where the actor really did die and they do a big tribute on screen. Poor guy was probably sitting at home watching all this. :(
Wow! That is weird. I've never heard of them doing something like that when the actor is still alive. Asa has been on forever. Thanks for the confirmation.