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Dragon*Con Update: Jamie Bamber, as of Midnight, is still a guest; Adam Baldwin is not. I seem to recall this happening with Adam last year too - late addition/late cancellation. My guess is it's his commitment to filming Chuck

The Nine Update: As predicted, ABC is starting to stream the remaining episodes online. Two were posted last week with one to be posted this week and the final episode next week. Here's a link to get you started.

SoapNet Update: When Comcast added this network I never thought I'd watch it. Pfft! OK, first they got me with General Hospital. (Btw, should I hate Lucky more for his stupidity or hypocrisy? I'm finding it tough to decide.) Then I started setting the DVR for The O.C. and may be contemplating buying the first season next time there is a sale. (Damn, Ben Mackenzie was adorable.) Now, there is the brief reunion with One Life to Live thanks to Nathan's guest appearance. (Second btw, one of my kinks is dancing. He danced. Sigh.)
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I think Target had the OC season on sale for 19.99 last week. Don't know if that's still going on.
Darn. The one week I don't go to Target! I think Amazon had a sale on it not too long ago too. If only SoapNet had started to run Season 1 a bit earlier. :(
I don't know how I'll fair with Seasons 2 and 3. Actually, I saw a bit of Season 3 weeks ago and decided to wait until Season 4 began to really start watching. I didn't realize how grateful Ryan was to be taken in by the Cohens. The scene where Kirsten announces he can stay and he almost starts crying? ::sniff::

And, man, is Summer different in the early episodes what with the drinking and wearing next to nothing and throwing herself at guys. And she wasn't a good friend to Marissa at all. I'm glad they made changes to the character because, right now, I have no clue, other than her looks, what Seth would find appealing about her.
I suggest watching S2&3 with plenty of things to hand for throwing at the TV when Marissa and/or other stupid plots/storylines/characters show up. Plus the FF button is your friend. Then you can sit back and enjoy S4.
I tried watching Season 3, but from the little I saw it was a train wreck so I just waited until SoapNet got to Season 4. Season 4 had a rocky beginning with the bizarre Ryan does 'Fight Club' storyline, but I also see that they had to resolve the lame ass storytelling from Season 3 and after a few eps the show was back on track. It was so nice to see Ben/Ryan smiling all the time!
I missed Nathan's return to OLTL :(

Hee, I first saw OLTL around the time Todd was on trial for raping Marty. It was my intro to American soaps, before that I'd only seen Latin American ones. The wife of my mother's boss used to record OLTL/GH, sometimes I would join her. I barely remember Joey, mostly stuff about him and Dorian.
I knew they had changed Todd's character a lot and while he doesn't seem like a good guy, he's certainly not the scum he once was. He and Blair are trying to make yet another go of it and they seem like a relatively happy family. Marty, meanwhile, is sitting in jail for killing someone and I think it had something to do with revenge against Todd.

I didn't recall much about Nathan's Joey either other than the affair with Dorian. I think I may have been watching 'All My Children' at the time and would occasionally catch OLTL.
(Btw, should I hate Lucky more for his stupidity or hypocrisy? I'm finding it tough to decide.)

I think I hate him equally for both. Of course, I'm hating Elizabeth too. Accountability, people, accountability! And while I understand Sam's anger and desire for revenge, I'm hating her a bit as well. I think they're all just getting on my nerves. I don't hate Jason though. I could never hate Jason. He's a killer with a tender heart of gold. ;)

BTW, that icon's a picture of Ben MacKenzie's arm. It's nice to appreciate pretty things.
I started assigning GH characters to Wizard of Oz characters a couple weeks ago. Lucky is the Scarecrow in need of a brain. Elizabeth is the Cowardly Lion in need of courage. Jason is sort-of the Tin man, I know he has a heart and feelings, but he needs to show them more. And Sam needs a bucket of water thrown on her so she can disappear. :p

I could originally see where Elizabeth was coming from in wanting to keep the baby's true parentage a secret. But more recently she has just come off as someone wanting both men. She wants the ideal home she's created in her mind Lucky, yet she wants to spend time with Jason. And I'd accept her being in love with both men if she'd just be honest about it.

Jason spends so much of his life trying to accommodate other people and make them happy that he constantly screws himself over, so that gets my sympathy. Plus, also, he's hot! And where's those fitted black tees he constantly wears and I just have to love him a little.

The Arms of Ben are very nice too. I think that should be one of my Twelve Days of Christmas pic spams this year - men with great arms. :)
Elizabeth absolutely seems like she just wants to have her cake and eat it too. Which makes me want to smack her. And Sam's nefarious underhanded revenge tactics are exasperating. Which makes me want to smack her. And as you said, Jason, while I love him, never does anything for himself. Which makes me want to smack him - lovingly.

I think that should be one of my Twelve Days of Christmas pic spams this year - men with great arms. :)

I can't wait for Christmas! I'm such an arm whore.
And Jason had yet another self-sacrificing scene today. Geesh. And I don't get the logic of not being together anymore. The kids are in danger when they are apart, will they really be in more danger when they are together? And couldn't Jason find another job? If he's really like a brother to Sonny he'll understand.

Btw, who is Cameron's father? Is it Lucky or someone else because Jason and Elizabeth are acting like he could be daddy to both kids.
There is no logic to the entire scenario. That's what makes it a soap. :)

Cameron's father is Xander Smith. I don't know if you remember that character or not. He was Emily's boyfriend for a long time but when Emily broke her back and went West for treatment he and Elizabeth became friends which lead to a one night hookup and nine months later little Cameron came along. Xander died in a shoot out with the cops after a series of bizarre choices on his part (aka the actor wanted to leave the show). He never saw his son. I don't even remember if he was aware that he was going to be a father. So, basically Lucky is the only father Cameron has ever known.
I do remember Xander. Um, so let me get this straight, Elizabeth has two children by two one nights stands? Good grief. And she's a nurse?! This is on par with Sonny's complicated brood.

Maybe when Lucky ends up in bed with Sam after Elizabeth leaves him for Jason, then Sam can have a miracle pregnancy and he can have a child of his own. ;)
I'd settle for someone finding a way to rip them and upload them. I downloaded ABC's player and the playback was not terrific.
Thanks. :) But why do they have to go nuts with the airbrushing? Katee isn't even thirty yet!