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Dragon*Con Update: Jamie Bamber, as of Midnight, is still a guest; Adam Baldwin is not. I seem to recall this happening with Adam last year too - late addition/late cancellation. My guess is it's his commitment to filming Chuck

The Nine Update: As predicted, ABC is starting to stream the remaining episodes online. Two were posted last week with one to be posted this week and the final episode next week. Here's a link to get you started.

SoapNet Update: When Comcast added this network I never thought I'd watch it. Pfft! OK, first they got me with General Hospital. (Btw, should I hate Lucky more for his stupidity or hypocrisy? I'm finding it tough to decide.) Then I started setting the DVR for The O.C. and may be contemplating buying the first season next time there is a sale. (Damn, Ben Mackenzie was adorable.) Now, there is the brief reunion with One Life to Live thanks to Nathan's guest appearance. (Second btw, one of my kinks is dancing. He danced. Sigh.)
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