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Dragon Con Update #2, AKA 'OMG, 7 DAYS!'

To begin, Jamie is still on the schedule. I feel compelled to say that whenever possible. I also feel compelled to point out he could still cancel, but I remain hopeful.

I just checked all the tracks of interest again and we finally have a Stargate schedule. The Big Three (Shanks, Judge, and Claudia) are not scheduled to appear on any SG1 panels Friday and Claudia isn't listed for the Star Trek vs Stargate panel on Monday.

ETA: I forgot to mention that Jason Momoa has been added to the guest list.

ETA #2: greycoupon informs me/us that Claudia is doing a solo Q&A on Friday. Now if I can just find it!

ETA #3: According to this forum I found Claudia will be at the Walk of Fame signing autographs!

So, here's my amended list of panels and where you'll definitely find me in bold. :)


11:30 Claudia??? (I noticed on the Stargate track schedule this time is left open.)

1:00 Star Trek vs The New BSG – Centennial II and III
James Marsters and Juliet Landau – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 SG Guests Megapanel – Centennial II and III

4:00 Firefly Panel – Centennial I

10:00/11:30 The Buffy Horror Picture Show – International South


11:30 Two Guys, A Girl, and A Battlestar - Centennial II and III (Ok, since Aaron is in and Katee is out, they *really* need to change the name.)

1:00 Trek Trak Show with Gates, Frakes, and Spiner – Regency VI and VII
Firefly – Centennial II
Farscape – Centennial II and III (I don't see Claudia listed for any 'Farscape' panels)

4:00 Star Trek Guest Stars – Centennial II and III (The only reason this interests me at all is John DeLancie is scheduled)
James and Juliet – Regency 6 and 7

5:30 SG Megapanel #2 – Centennial 1-3

10:00 BSG Colonial Fleet Party – Courtland (?) (At least for a little while)
11:30 The Shindig – International North


1:00 Frakes, Gates, & Spiner – Centennial II and III (May not hit both ST:TNG panels, but certainly one of them)
James and Juliet – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 SG Megapanel #3 – Centennial II and III
Farscape Cast – Hanover C-E

4:00 BSG Reunion – Centennial II and III
Firefly – Centennial I


10:00 Star Trek v Stargate – Centennial II and III

11:30 BSG: Prepare to Cast off – Centennial II and III

1:00 ST:TNG Cast Reunion – Centennial II and III (Probably heading for the airport :( )

Either I'm fasting on Sunday or packing a lunch. :p

OK, why does the air condition decide to stop working properly at night when I'm at home and can't call anyone to fix it? And now I'm too tired and cranky to work on stuff I need to be working on because OMG 7 DAYS! And Brett Favre is still playing football? Really???

One hour to Burn Notice, that's something to look forward too.

Oh, and for the Michael Shanks fans, he'll be starring in SciFi's Mega Snake this Saturday. I wish I was making that up.
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