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This Is Going to Be A Long Weekend

I'm posting at 7:30 in the morning. On a Saturday. This is not right. Though it's not like I didn't get plenty of sleep. I crashed at around 8 last night and pretty much slept through until 6. However, it pisses me off because a) it was a result of eating something that did not agree with me and b) I have sooooooooo much stuff to do before next Thursday.

Then there was the good news/bad news with the air conditioning. The good news is the office manager called me twice with updates on the situation yesterday. (I'm sure the angry, bitchy voicemail I left a couple weeks ago in regards to another problem they weren't taking care of had nothing to do with that. ;p) The bad news is that a part needs to be ordered and won't be in until Monday. The good news, again, hopefully, is that the weather report says we shouldn't get above the high 70's here which is very tolerable.

Reported here, there, and everywhere Kevin Smith is directing an episode of 'Battlestar Galactica'. No spoilers in the link, he hasn't been delivered a script yet and has no idea what he will be directing or when. I'm neither thrilled nor upset by this news. He's a huge fan of the show so I expect him to put a lot of effort into this. I also can see him getting along great with the cast. But I do feel he is a much better writer than director. I love some of his films, but they really don't have a style. Hopefully, Ron will select a script for him that's more character and less action oriented.

wisteria_ did the Midnight check, I'll give you the AM announcement that Jamie is still on the schedule. ;) And no other additions/cancellations to report.

Because I've sucked at this lately.....Happy Belated Birthday to keswindhover, Happy Birthday to sweet_ali  because I'll be OMG BUSY! on Monday, and Happy Birthday to  pukajen on Wednesday because I'll be OMG PACKING! Finally, Happy Birthday *today* to romanticalgirl .  And  here are two of the boys all dressed up for you Mrs Smith. ;)


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