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This Is Going to Be A Long Weekend

I'm posting at 7:30 in the morning. On a Saturday. This is not right. Though it's not like I didn't get plenty of sleep. I crashed at around 8 last night and pretty much slept through until 6. However, it pisses me off because a) it was a result of eating something that did not agree with me and b) I have sooooooooo much stuff to do before next Thursday.

Then there was the good news/bad news with the air conditioning. The good news is the office manager called me twice with updates on the situation yesterday. (I'm sure the angry, bitchy voicemail I left a couple weeks ago in regards to another problem they weren't taking care of had nothing to do with that. ;p) The bad news is that a part needs to be ordered and won't be in until Monday. The good news, again, hopefully, is that the weather report says we shouldn't get above the high 70's here which is very tolerable.

Reported here, there, and everywhere Kevin Smith is directing an episode of 'Battlestar Galactica'. No spoilers in the link, he hasn't been delivered a script yet and has no idea what he will be directing or when. I'm neither thrilled nor upset by this news. He's a huge fan of the show so I expect him to put a lot of effort into this. I also can see him getting along great with the cast. But I do feel he is a much better writer than director. I love some of his films, but they really don't have a style. Hopefully, Ron will select a script for him that's more character and less action oriented.

wisteria_ did the Midnight check, I'll give you the AM announcement that Jamie is still on the schedule. ;) And no other additions/cancellations to report.

Because I've sucked at this lately.....Happy Belated Birthday to keswindhover, Happy Birthday to sweet_ali  because I'll be OMG BUSY! on Monday, and Happy Birthday to  pukajen on Wednesday because I'll be OMG PACKING! Finally, Happy Birthday *today* to romanticalgirl .  And  here are two of the boys all dressed up for you Mrs Smith. ;)

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Did you read the original interview with Kevin Smith? It's really quite interesting. He says: It's cool, but it is scary because it is like, "What the f---? I can't bring anything to that show." That show is genius and they have a very distinctive visual style. But you are safe as a kitten. If you go in there and say, "I'm going to shoot everything in one big master shot," they'll go, "No you're not, because that is not what we do on 'Battlestar Galactica.'" I guess it is more about performance-oriented stuff, but at the same time that cast is top notch. How do you f----- direct Mary McDonnell?

That makes me feel pretty good about his directing it, because it sounds like they DON'T want his usual directing style, but rather for him to conform to theirs -- so it won't necessarily stand out from all the other eps. I'm curious how he'll handle the performance aspect, because so much of his own style centers on humor/quirkiness, and BSG is NOT a funny show. Kind of like Jane Espenson, a writer known for her humor eps, joining the writing staff. ;) It worked out very well for her, and hopefully the same will hold true for Kevin Smith! Knock on wood. ;)
Well, good, it sounds like the cast and crew will keep him in line. ;) I actually wouldn't mind if he injected a tiny bit of humor. I always hoped we'd have another TMU, TMD. TaBfAYW was suppose to be lighthearted. HA!
TaBfAYW was suppose to be lighthearted. HA!
That was only until Jamie got a look-see and protested, "Wait a sec...infidelity and prisoner-torture aren't funny!" And thank God he did! That epsiode would have been a horrendous train wreck if they'd tried to play those subjects for laughs.

I for one would like to see Kevin Smith step in and do whatever he wants. Whether you like or dislike his work, what's the point in hiring him (or any big-name) as a director if he's not going to allowed to bring his own signature to it? I say they should trust his artistic inclinations and give him free reign, or they shouldn't have hired him in the first place.
Hmmm, now suddenly the news is that Kevin Smith is OUT as a director due to "schedule conflicts".

That was quick.
Huh. Why even bother to announce it? Maybe it wasn't a done deal and Kevin jumped the gun.
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and hoping you are already having a fabulous time *smooch*