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Quick DC Update

I have to go meet a friend for lunch, but just an FYI that the Dragon*Con site has the Pocket Program posted (upper right hand corner). I didn't see any important changes, but will still update my schedule later.

In a WTF/Crap moment, Jamie and Aaron are seated *right* as you come in the door to the Walk of Fame and who is next to them? James Marsters. ::head desk::

On the bright side, Sorbo is on the other side of the room. :)
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GUH! I so can't wait for all the pretty pictures of everything I'm going to be missing. JM & JB, my two muscley short boys of lust! Oh, the RPF almost writes itself!
Yes, but I'll have to maneuver through the throngs of crazy JM fans! And I see a repeat of last year where I almost got in a huge line which I thought was for James Callis, who was right by the door, and it turned out to be for the 'Firefly' folks.