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Dragon*Con Update Number...oh, I can't remember

Hopefully, the final schedule. If anyone has anything they are looking for, let me know, I've become a pro at skimming tracks. ;)

Claudia is listed for the Walk of Fame. Woo! Since she, Shanks, and Judge have no panels scheduled until Saturday, I'm betting they don't get in until Friday afternoon/evening.


1:00 Star Trek vs The New BSG – Centennial II and III - (The stars from both series appearing - Woo!)
James Marsters, Juliet Landau, & Elisabeth Rohm – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 SG Guests Megapanel – Centennial II and III

4:00 An Hour with Ron Glass and Mark Sheppard – Centennial I
Farscape Q&A - International South

10:00/11:30 The Buffy Horror Picture Show – International South


11:30 Two Apollos, A Chief, and A Battlestar - Centennial II and III (They finally changed the name!)

1:00 Pitch Black: An Hour with Claudia Black - Hanover C-E
Trek Trak Show with Gates, Frakes, and Spiner – Regency VI and VII
Glass/Sheppard – Centennial II and III
Farscape – International North

4:00 Star Trek Guest Stars – Centennial II and III (The only reason this interests me at all is John DeLancie is scheduled)
James, Juliet, & Elisabeth – Regency 6 and 7

5:30 SG Megapanel #2 – Centennial 1-3 (No Claudia)

10:00 BSG Colonial Fleet Party – Courtland
11:30 The Shindig – International North


1:00 Frakes, Gates, & Spiner – Centennial II and III (May not hit both ST:TNG panels, but certainly one of them)
James and Juliet – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 SG Megapanel #3 – Centennial II and III
Farscape Cast – Hanover C-E

4:00 BSG Reunion – Centennial II and III
Glass/Sheppard – Centennial I


10:00 Star Trek v Stargate – Centennial II and III

11:30 BSG: Prepare to Cast off – Centennial II and III
Law & Order - An Hour with Elisabeth Rohm (Um, yeah, she's there for L&O too.)

1:00 ST:TNG Cast Reunion – Centennial II and III

4:00 - Farscape - International North

Now off to prepare for Mega Snake viewing. In other word, time to put the wine coolers in the fridge.:p
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