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Dragon*Con Update Number...oh, I can't remember

Hopefully, the final schedule. If anyone has anything they are looking for, let me know, I've become a pro at skimming tracks. ;)

Claudia is listed for the Walk of Fame. Woo! Since she, Shanks, and Judge have no panels scheduled until Saturday, I'm betting they don't get in until Friday afternoon/evening.


1:00 Star Trek vs The New BSG – Centennial II and III - (The stars from both series appearing - Woo!)
James Marsters, Juliet Landau, & Elisabeth Rohm – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 SG Guests Megapanel – Centennial II and III

4:00 An Hour with Ron Glass and Mark Sheppard – Centennial I
Farscape Q&A - International South

10:00/11:30 The Buffy Horror Picture Show – International South


11:30 Two Apollos, A Chief, and A Battlestar - Centennial II and III (They finally changed the name!)

1:00 Pitch Black: An Hour with Claudia Black - Hanover C-E
Trek Trak Show with Gates, Frakes, and Spiner – Regency VI and VII
Glass/Sheppard – Centennial II and III
Farscape – International North

4:00 Star Trek Guest Stars – Centennial II and III (The only reason this interests me at all is John DeLancie is scheduled)
James, Juliet, & Elisabeth – Regency 6 and 7

5:30 SG Megapanel #2 – Centennial 1-3 (No Claudia)

10:00 BSG Colonial Fleet Party – Courtland
11:30 The Shindig – International North


1:00 Frakes, Gates, & Spiner – Centennial II and III (May not hit both ST:TNG panels, but certainly one of them)
James and Juliet – Regency 6 and 7

2:30 SG Megapanel #3 – Centennial II and III
Farscape Cast – Hanover C-E

4:00 BSG Reunion – Centennial II and III
Glass/Sheppard – Centennial I


10:00 Star Trek v Stargate – Centennial II and III

11:30 BSG: Prepare to Cast off – Centennial II and III
Law & Order - An Hour with Elisabeth Rohm (Um, yeah, she's there for L&O too.)

1:00 ST:TNG Cast Reunion – Centennial II and III

4:00 - Farscape - International North

Now off to prepare for Mega Snake viewing. In other word, time to put the wine coolers in the fridge.:p
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Now off to prepare for Mega Snake viewing. In other word, time to put the wine coolers in the fridge.

*runs out to buy beer*
hi there! this is awesome--I decided to go to D*C last minute (as in, I bought my plane ticket 2 days ago; impulsive? who me?), and have been trying to find out what is happening when, and the site's scheduling info is *not* user friendly. (er, hmm, I finally noticed the pdf schedule)

anyhow I'm SO glad to see Claudia Black on Sat/Sun--I was so afraid her stuff was going to be Friday, and I don't get in until late.

I tried with MegaSnake but couldn't deal with MS's bad accent, so switched away.
Hey, glad you can make it. :) If I wasn't a regular attendee (I think I count as a regular after three) then I probably would have made last minute plans based on the guest list.

The pdf schedule just went up on Saturday and, still, it can be confusing. I was cross referencing with track schedules and there were some things that didn't quite jive. For instance, are we seeing the Star Trek vs Stargate panel or the Stargate vs SGA panel on Monday? Either way, Claudia is there so I don't worry too much. ;)

I was watching MegaSnake online with danceswithwords and the first thing she said upon seeing young Lester was, "Please don't tell me Shanks is going to be a Southern accent." That wasn't pretty, but he was and it was actually better than most of their films so we made it to the end. :)
You watched all of MegaSnake?
[bows in admiration]
You're either much more dedicated to the hotness of Shanks than I am...or you had better wine coolers.

Claudia, Shanks, Jamie, Aaron...Farscape, Star Trek, BSG, Stargates...all multiple times in one weekend...{whimpers} Have I mentioned lately how jealous I am?
I was doing stuff on the computer at the time so it's not like it had my undivided attention. ;)

I'm very sorry you can't make it. This will be my third DC and I have to admit this is the best list of guests I've seen. It will also be weird not having lines around the building for the 'Firefly' panels.