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Some Brief Thoughts on Enterprise

I had read somewhere that they were considering changing the credits sequence. They did. They remixed the theme song. It's worse.

T'Pol has new hair, new makeup, and a new wardrobe. This is considered improving the show? Another brilliant idea courtesy of Mr Berman.

I admit I quit watching the show towards the end of last season. I'm a bit unsure as to what happened. Apparently, Earth got trashed, we got pissed, and refitted the Enterprise to go out and kick some alien ass. A season long search for the enemy? Based on this ep, I'm not sure it can hold my interest.

Has Scott Bakula's acting gotten worse?

On the plus side....

Hey, finally some diversity amongst the alien races. Granted, giant mosquito race wasn't very clever, but at least they are starting to use those new fangled computer generated effects so not every alien race looks like humans in bad prosthetic makeup.

Tripp and T'Pol? Thank You! I really thought thay were going to force Archer and T'Pol on us. Now I have a glimmer of hope. Though, I could have done without the gratuitous nudity. I know, I can't believe I'm saying that either.

Should I be judging Jake 2.0 after only twenty minutes? Probably not. Still, I think Marvel comics could sue.

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