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Sadly, my pics from the Star Trek vs BSG panel yesterday largely suck even though I was only about five or six rows back. I should have invested in a new camera. Hopefully, danceswithwords with her new camera scored better pics. And I'm going to collect links to anyone posting good photos.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm recording the Q&A's so I plan to transcribe as best as possible when I get back. My general impressions of the ST vs BSG panel were not great. It had nothing to do with the guests who tried to be entertaining. Jamie looked somewhat sleepy and very bored. Not that I blame him considering the bad questions or the people that rambled on without ever actually asking a questions. When he did find something to jump on he did an excellent job with his answers. Gates McFadden had one of the best moments at the start of the Q&A when no one was saying anything she turned to the BSG cast, said she had a question for them, and began rambling off every cliche question you can think of, "What's your favorite episode?" "What's a funny moment you can recall?" and the list went on.

As for my tease, I'm going to continue to tease. But the good news is I don't think Jamie is taking out a restraining order. Though he may role his eyes if he spots me again today.
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