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Home From DC. Ready to Collapse from Exhaustion.

I feel really guilty because many people are already posting pics and reports and video footage and I'm just too tired to do so. I do have lots to share and I'll probably be doing it over the course of a couple weeks. I did audio recordings of all the panels I attended which means I took no notes. I don't think I'll do transcripts of every panel, but recap them and *hopefully* find a way to share my recordings with all of you. I might try the file sharing sites or I may have someone who is kindling willing to host the files on her web space. But, really, you all would rather hear the actors themselves then have me type it all out so I'll make something work.

My pictures are not fabulous accept a few closeups I got of Jamie, but I'll link all my DC buddies who have better cameras than I. And there be reports of people posting video later this week, at least of the BSG panels. I also attended the SG1 panels, one Star Trek, and one OMG CLAUDIA BLACK IS AWESOME panel. Sadly, I did not get to see Jamie at the Colonial Day Party due to a combination of the slowest dinner ever (though the company was terrific), the Hyatt being shut down by fire marshals, and the con putting the party in a tiny room that would only hold 115 people who apparently had to get in line at least an hour before.

It was a very weird con this year. Overall, I had a great time, but DC needs to seriously think about limiting ticket sales. People were *very* crabby this year which is understandable with up to four hours waits in the registration line (I managed to get out in an hour and a half because I was pre-registered) and having to line up hours in advance to get a decent seat/a seat in a panel. Seriously, lines went around the building.

Then there was the Walk of Fame headaches. Many of the Stargate actors, including Claudia, use Julie Caitlin Brown as their con manager. Julie is hated on the con circuit with good reason. She set up her own rules for autographs that included buying tickets ahead of time. Traditionally, it has always been just walk up to the actor's table or, in the case of the Firefly actors, wait in a lengthy line. For the most part, people are understanding and patient in this process. But to be forced to get in one line for a ticket (or thrown out of line when it randomly closed), then told you have to come back and are not actually guaranteed an autograph? People were not happy. To make matters worse, Julie yelled at people who had the nerve to ask her a question or not stand in line just as she told them to. Why people continue to use her is beyond me. I don't have a bad thing to say about the Stargate actors who seemed very nice and probably had little clue as to what she was doing.

That's probably enough venting for one night. I have a lot of good stories to tell. Like who knew Erik Estrada was such a morning person? When he walked by the line into the Walk of Fame he cheerfully patted people on the shoulder and said "Good Morning". After getting no response he stopped and yelled, "Good Morning!" It was pretty funny. And I let Lexa Doig cut in front of me in the line to the ladies room. I went into stall, found no toilet paper, walked back out, she had this confused look, I explained the situation and told her that she could go ahead to the next empty stall if she was in a hurry.

Also, if half these actors are reported to be in AA in the not to distant future, I won't be shocked. Don't worry about Jamie, I have reports he drank only water at the Colonial Day Party, there were no bar sitings that I heard of, and when we chatted about what we each did Friday night he mentioned hanging out in his hotel room to catch up on work, something that is hard to do with the kids around.

I mentioned I was exhausted, right? Yeah, shutting up and taking a cold shower now. I returned home to find a note that my water heater is broken. :(
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Am mostly dead myself and I didn't even have to fly anywhere.

Ah, I have soooo much to say about that party. Like how I got in lime 8:45 for the 10-pm start, was 2nd in line and almost was not let in for not knowing the right people. More on that once I have had sleep.

I can report that Jamie and Mark Sheppard were there for about 20 minutes chatting with the fans. Jamie was indeed drinking a bottle of Dasini water. In fact he was carrying the just about empty bottle as he was leaving and I would have been quite amused if he threw it out in the room.

Hee. I figured it was you. ;) So sorry we did not get to see each other again yesterday. My original plan was to not leave until about 1, but then Elly mentioned that she had heard there were two hour waits at the airport and I freaked out. Of course, I ended up making it through security in a half hour. :/
Glad you made it home in one piece!

I heard excellent things about the Claudia Black panel.

I've been skimming dragoncon, and many people are upset about the crowds this year. Will be interesting to see if the organizers make any changes next time.

As for JCB -- I'll just agree what you said, plus many other reasons. Ugh.

As for Jamie and water... a friend replied to one of my posts with this:

Fri late afternoon he was having a drink at that new bar on the second level of the lobby , pretty much right next to us, and I didn't even notice until he got up to leave and I heard him say "thanks for the [Uh, I think he said "tonic water" or something] and the voice caught my ear, and I looked over and there he was!

So yes, he does appear to be very well-hydrated. ;)
I heard a lot of complaints about DC this year from people in the lines. And did you see the Daily Dragon yesterday? A thirteen year old girl went missing at the Marriott.

I have no problem with people drinking, but I just think it's a good idea for the actors not to get trashed at these things. I'm glad to see that Jamie is concerned with his rep and is a good boy. ;)

JCB needs to be banned from cons forever. She is such a miserable person.
Julie Caiylin Brown?

As in Natoth (G'Kar's assistant) in Babylon 5?

I wondered what happened to her....
With no acting or singing career she turned to management and became one of the most loathed people in convention history. James Marsters fired her several years ago.
Welcome home! Don't feel bad, just get yourself rested and settled. There's plenty of time to share with us :)
when we chatted about what we each did Friday night he mentioned hanging out in his hotel room to catch up on work, something that is hard to do with the kids around.
I love that man!

Sorry you are all exhausted. It does sound like cons are very draining. :( (As well as yayful, of course!)
Have you 'fessed up yet to what you got up to with Jamie(!)? I just want to find out before I go on holiday on Friday. Deadlines girly!!

Anyway glad you had a mostly good time.
Tired or not, hopefully it was enjoyable enough for you that the trip was well worthwhile. =)

And not that I'm trying to push on your reports, but I just have to ask about a few things that folks are buzzing about elsewhere...did Jamie say anything much about the project he is now filming in Louisiana...or about SciFi splitting BSG season 4 into 2 seperate seasons (and delayed until 2009!)?
I posted to jamiebambernews about the movie, it's entitled Pulse II.

Aaron, I believe, was the first to bring up the final season of BSG to be split into two sets of ten episodes with the final ten airing in early 2009. People thought he was kidding at first, but he said he was serious and Jamie did back him up. Still, people thought they could be joking. But in Sunday's panel, after hearing that the news had spread like wildfire, both of them said they had been serious and that it had been mentioned to them as a possibility that we could not see the final eps until 2009. In Saturday's panel Jamie called Sci-Fi "cheap" and that this was their way of getting a Season 5 without really paying for it. Jamie totally trashed Sci-Fi during Saturday's panel, didn't care that he'd probably never work for SciFi again, then realized he may be killing his chances to work for NBC and, on Sunday's panel, talked about how wonderful SciFi is and without them they wouldn't be there. ;)
{sigh} I knew Jamie was just putting on a show during the online media event when Bonnie Hammer was breathing over his shoulder. This new report sounds much more like the Jamie that I saw in April in Burbank. That is, not exactly feelin' the luv for SciFi.

I don't think he should worry about tweaking the egos at NBC either...from the way NBC is meddling on other shows, Jamie could very well be lucky not to end up there.
No hurry - get yourself rested, and I'm so sorry to hear about your shower!

Anyway good to hear it was a good con despite some Walk-Of-Fame setbacks! :)
It was great to meet you! Sorry you have the crud; hope you feel better soon :(

I'm happy to host the panel recordings; drop me an email to bheerfan at lj and we can set that up.