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Kill Me Now

Well, Con Crud has struck in a bad way. Thankfully, I opted to call in sick to work instead of forcing myself to go in because I have been up for two hours now and feel as if I'm ready to sleep for another 10. So, yeah, con reports/pics are still delayed. Time to go crash again.
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Ack, I'm really sorry to hear that. Sleep should really help. I hope you feel better quickly!
Aww... hope you feel better. I may have it myself but am hoping I will be better once I recover sleep.

Just remember Jamie being all pretty and lovely. :)
Gah! I'm sorry to hear the Con Crud got you. I'm sure catching up on your sleep will make a big difference.
You poor thing! Take care of yourself, get all the rest you need.
Awww, no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you were smart and called in sick--get lots of rest and I hope you feel better soon.
Sorry to hear that dear.
Can't wait to hear about everything, but take your time hunny....
I'll wait ;)
Completely OT here, but maybe this will cheer you up?

I was skimming the fall TV schedule on The Futon Critic, and did anyone know that BBCA will be showing Ultimate Force starting at the end of this month? From what I can tell, they're beginning with S1 (when Jamie is on). Here's the show page. You've probably already seen it, but hey.

Feel better soon! I'm very sick too, along with half my D*C friends and half the other teachers at work. This virus is ridiculously pervasive.
Thanks for the well wishes. I stayed home again today, but I am feeling a bit better. As for UF, I did know it was premiering this month. I stumbled across the info when checking for a 'Torchwood' premiere date for a friend. I figured I'd post about it closer to the premiere date.