The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

The Tease Is Over

I'm slowly recovering from whatever the con inflicted on so many of us. And, on and off today, I've been working on transcribing my interview with Jamie Bamber. Yeah, that was the big tease. I got to sit down with Jamie for twenty minutes and conduct an interview. After listening to the recording repeatedly (man, is transcribing hard work!) I lament the questions I forgot to ask and, also, the moments I sounded like a dork. :p And the interview was conducted on the Walk of Fame so interruptions and distractions were inevitable. Of course, when Jamie asked me if I had a place to do the interview I said, "No, because you never got back to me." Keep in mind, I'm the same person who has hollered at James Marsters, so chastising Jamie should be of no surprise to anyone. I had contacted Jamie's publicist about a month ago about doing an interview, Jamie confirmed he received the email, but admitted he's not good with following up.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in the interview it can be found HERE at jamiebambernews.

One thing I couldn't believe I forgot to ask about was if he had any projects on the horizon and as I was leaving the BSG panel on Monday, Aaron Douglas mentioned that Jamie wasn't there because he had to fly to Shreveport to start a film. D'Oh! But when I e-mailed Jamie's publicist Tuesday to thank him for putting a bug in Jamie's ear about the interview I also asked him about the film project. I won't go into detail about the film (long story), but, I have to say, the guy is not only amazing about getting back to people, he's quite funny. Either publicist's get a bad wrap or this guy is an exception to the rule.
Tags: dragon_con_2007
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