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Good News/Bad News

The good news is I'm actually feeling better today. And got some stuff done. Woo!

Bad news...Worst...Emmys...Ever. Yeah, I know, it's only fifteen minutes in and only a few awards have been given out, but I stick by my statement. It's actually painful to watch. The nominees in the audience look incredibly uncomfortable. And whose brilliant idea was it to have the animated characters from Family Guy insult the other networks and nominees in a musical number? Heh. And they just screwed up Katherine Heigl's name and she corrected them.

OK, before this train wreck I watched two pilots - Life and Journeyman. I won't go into details because I'm too lazy to do cut-tags, but I'll continue to watch Life. Not that it was a fabulous show, but, in addition to Damian Lewis, I liked the rest of the actors and the characters are potentially interesting. Also, Damian managed to stay just on the right side of the line and not become too quirky. If I had one significant complaint about the show it's that I don't care how long he's been in prison, the guy would know about cellphones and computers.

Journeyman - good cast, lousy premise, and I won't be watching. The show jumped all over the place and I don't just mean the lead bouncing around in time. Apparently, there are some complicated family issues, but only some very vague hints as to what they could be. And why has he been chosen to time travel? Again, no idea. I don't expect a show to reveal everything to me in the pilot, but I got the sense that the writers are a bit clueless as to what is going on.

And Happy Belated (just a day) Birthday! to blondeheroine. I don't know if I'm actually late though since you aren't celebrating for two weeks. ;p

D'Oh! I almost forgot. Ok, I *did* forget then looked at my Flist. My brilliant friend nolivingman had the brilliant idea to start a Hornblower vid community so I shall direct you to hornblower_vids. Now, I don't make vids, but I'm expecting some of you talented folks on my Flist to contribute...or else. ;)
You're so very right about the Emmys. Uncomfortable is the exactly right adjective for the show and the audience and wow, I love Family Guy, but that opening was...awful. The only part I laughed at was the very obvious "Sopranos" joke, but otherwise, I just kept cringing. I guess we must remember, this IS Fox and decorum and tact are not even in their vocabulary. I really hope this affirms that Seacrest will NOT host again. Nor will Fox :)
I'm thinking after this debacle the Emmy's will be moving on to cable, maybe Bravo, and all the winners/hosts of their reality shows can be presenters. And all the nominees can be dressed by Project Runway contestants! It would be great synergy. ;-)
Glad you're feeling better!

We watched Rear Window instead - looks like we didn't miss much. Nuts, I forgot about Life. Will I have missed too much if I catch it next week?

Thanks for the Hornblower vids link - I'll just be doing lots of viewing :)
Oops, sorry, Life hasn't premiered yet. I was watching it on Comcast's On Demand service. NBC provided a bunch of pilots to them.