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Dragon Con BSG Panels and Jamie Fangirling

Well, it only took two weeks to post my first Dragon Con report! Worst part of typing this all up was I listened to the BSG panel recordings while sick, tried to transcribe key points, and now being of reasonably sound mind and body, I looked at some of my notes and went, “Huh?” But, I think this all (mostly) makes sense. So here is a wrap up of the three BSG panels I attended (I had to miss Monday’s panel), a few photos that don’t suck, and some highlights of my chats with Jamie.

Friday’s Panel: Star Trek vs The New Battelstar Galactica (AKA the panel in which Jamie looked bored to death).

None of my pictures turned out well for this one, so no visual aids by moi. Jonathan Frakes started a running joke, literally. After being introduced, he walked on the stage waving, then kept walking right off the stage. Gates McFadden and Brent Spiner followed his lead.

Aaron Douglas, a big Next Gen fan, swapped his name plate for Frakes and, near the end of the panel, decided to steal it, putting it in his bag to take with him.

The panel discussion, as widely reported by now, was lousy. After too long introductions, there was silence at which point Frakes said, “This is going very well”. Aaron followed up with, “This has been great, thanks very much everybody.”

Gates tried to get the ball rolling and in a most amusing fashion. She turned towards the BSG actors and said that this question was for them, “Can you just tell me all about your show? How it developed? What’s your favorite episode? I’d love to know any anecdotes. And I like you to go one at a time on this.” So, she pretty much summed up every cliché question that could be asked in about sixty seconds. :)

Brent, intentionally, kept referring to the show as “Battleship Galactica”, as if he knew nothing about it. Well, actually, I don’t think he knew anything about it, specifically, but he’s a smart guy and seemed aware of the franchise’s history.

After some more awkward silence Aaron asked, “Somebody ask something for the love of God!”

There was some discussion that with Star Trek’s optimistic version of the future and little dramatic conflict, it makes it tough for them (the writers) to write stories. But with BSG it starts off with the bad guys winning – at that point Aaron interjected, “Whoa, whoa, whoa – who thinks the Cylons are bad guys?” ;) Galactica is the darker, grittier version of the future and is that the future of science fiction? Mark Sheppard commented that one wouldn’t exist without the other, that he’s watched every incarnation, and that his dad appeared in three incarnations of Star Trek. (I know this probably isn’t making a lot of sense, neither did the panel!)

Richard Hatch commented that it’s very hard not to let success do you in and implied, diplomatically, that Star Trek needs the courage to break out of the box, but with any show it’s hard for new people and new ideas to get in. He also hoped (and he repeated this many times over the weekend) that some miracle happens and BSG goes on because it deserves to for another ten years.

Someone posed the question as to whether the Academy days was the way to go with Trek? And how people generally look towards the future and how prequels don’t work (I’m sure that was a Star Wars dig). Frakes declared himself a big Lost fan and that he thought JJ Abrams would do well with the Trek franchise. (Pfft!)

Richard Hatch brought up that with so many people having the opportunity today to play episodes over and over and buy DVDs so they can watch episodes back to back that it would be interesting for Star Trek to move into a continuing storyline, be less episodic.

A question was asked about the Star Trek heroic archetypes vs the flawed heroes on BSG. Jamie finally spoke ;) and talked about how the change was a political one and a social one. He mentioned that Star Trek started in “sixty something” and people erupted into laughter. Apparently, they thought he was taking a dig at the show, referring to it as ‘old’ but he stated, “It wasn’t meant to be funny.” Aaron then said, “I didn’t know he was British!” Jamie then continued with his thought and talked about how optimism is kind of escapism today and, “as a dad, I’m quite excited to work with a show that paints the future as a crisis rather than an opportunity and we’ve been milking this world for opportunities for awhile and screwed ourselves into a corner…thinking we have a right to earn, survive and develop everything and Galactica just paints the future we chase down that road.” The difference between the two shows is the contemporary political problems that face us.

Gates had her own awesome comment. After saying, “I don’t watch your show” and quickly amending that with “I don’t watch TV” she brought up Star Trek’s philosophy of the prime directive and that maybe if we had a little bit more of that happening we wouldn’t be in Iraq.

Aaron brought up how BSG also hires great actors like Jamie Bamber “who is also very, very handsome.” To which Jamie responded with, “But I would kill to be as butch as Aaron Douglas.” At that point, the convo took a turn into sexual innuendo…

Aaron: “You have three weeks to stop playing footsy with me under the table.”
Jamie: “Why do you think I wore flip-flops.”
Aaron: “You have a really long big toe. That’s not your toe, is it?

I believe Jamie said something about needing Kleenex and then someone else said, “Sorry to interrupt the honeymoon.”

Someone asked if it would do Trek a service if they took a break for awhile (yes, imho). I forgot to note who said this, maybe Jamie or Richard, but making the same show for thirty or forty years you’re never going to evolve at the same pace as society. You can’t make changes with a show that is constantly on the air because you would lose viewers if it was a different show the next year.

The beginning of the running commentary by Aaron in regards to his drinking…

Aaron: “I don’t drink…gin.”
Jamie: “Aaron doesn’t drink…on odd minutes…what, seriously.”

Aaron talked a bit about always being known as the chief. People don’t yell “Aaron” they yell Chief when they see him on the street. But when he’s home alone he’ll think, “Chief”, and it means a lot to him.

Brent announced, “I want a close up for God’s sake.” (Referring to the DC camera not yet zooming in on him.) “This is going to be on You Tube somewhere.”

Brent then talked about how Data was a “very pure character.” When they went into the films, Brannon Braga and Ron Moore decided to give him the emotion chip so he’s not quite so pure and he (I think sarcastically) stated “and the fans just loved that.”

Some question about Brent developing his character and he reminded people that he didn’t write the show, just read the lines given to him. When he stated, “I just interpreted the character”, Frakes interjected, “Oh, please!” At which point Brent then took full credit for the role, that it was all him.

The effects guy on stage who has worked on both shows plus Firefly talked about the cameo of Serenity in the BSG mini. He also stated that the Enterprise didn’t make a cameo in the mini either. There seemed to be some confusion as to whether he was seriously denying the appearances or joking, I felt it was the latter.

Richard Hatch made a great joke (if you’ve watched the original BSG) that, “we liked our effects so much we played them over and over and over…”

My first meeting with Jamie or how I’m sure I acted like a dork.
After the Q&A and lunch I opted to check out the Walk of Fame to see if Jamie was present and he was. I went up to the room to get what I brought to be autographed and headed back down. The first thing I said to him after “Hi” was, “Do you remember me?” He gave me that look, the one where you’re thinking really hard and you have this vague awareness that you have seen this person before, and he said something along the lines of “I think so” but couldn’t recall where he has seen me. As soon as I brought up Mega Con and jamiebambernews he remembered me. At that point I brought up that I had had several email conversations with C (his publicist) and had asked about and interview and he hadn’t heard back. He apologized, said he wasn’t good with the email/typing thing (he actually did the typing thing with his hands :) and that we could do the interview.

I kind of blanked out after that. I had brought a drawing I did (I have an art degree, I just don’t use it much) and the thing that stands out was the female DC volunteer who was standing there who said, “Wow. That’s beautiful.” Jamie asked me who did the drawing, I said me, and I think he said it was nice. I actually fished for more of a compliment later (not my finest moment). He asked me where he should autograph it, bless him. For those of you familiar with the James Marsters autograph story of many years ago, this was an important question to be asked. ;) Finally, there was much babbling by me when to come back for the interview and profuse thanks.

Chat# 2 with Jamie and still the dork.
Before the panel Saturday morning, I went down to the Walk of Fame to see if the Stargate actors were down there yet. They weren’t, but Jamie was and there was no one at his table. So, Asta the Dork returns, I wave, he smiles and waves back and as I walk towards him I announce, “Really, I’m not stalking you.” He chuckled and said, “It’s fine. I know.” Then he very casually asked me what I did last night, I talked about celebrating a friend’s birthday, and then asked him what he did. He said he just hung out in his room and caught up on work. That it’s difficult to do at home with the kids and that he uses cons to catch up on work.

I brought up the fact that he was doing quite a few cons this fall and he looked rather surprised and asked, “Really? I am? Where?” So I tried to tell him what I could recall of the top of my head, then we talked a bit about Aaron, costumes at the con, and then someone came up for an auto and I felt I should go. I told him I was off to get in line for his panel which he seemed to think was unnecessary so far in advance (HA!) and that it would be much better than yesterday’s panel. I admitted that Friday’s panel was not good and he was in complete agreement.

And while everyone else gets photos of him smiling, I get the 'When will this woman leave me alone' look. ;p

Two Apollos, A Chief, and a Battlestar.
Surprisingly, I got a fairly good seat for this Q&A. I would have had an awesome seat, but DC decided to switch rooms with the Myth Busters panel and instead of moving the lines through the hotel, they marched us outside and promptly lost the line in the registration line they opted to walk us through. After a couple minutes of confusion and debate, two women in front of me decided to charge through a door used for the guests and we made are way to the room. The ass manning the door didn’t seem to care that the line got lost and said, “Well, you’re here and you didn’t miss anything.” Yeah, accept our awesome seats.

Aaron started the panel off by bringing up Friday’s panel and asking the audience, “Remember how awkwardly that started? Please don’t let that happen here.”

Sadly, my audio recording for this panel is very muddled during the first twenty minutes, Jamie, in particular, is hard to hear so I’m trying to fill-in-the-blanks by memory.

Jamie wondered if, at the previous panel, “We were meant to fight each other, meant to argue… our show is better than your show?”

There was more talk of playing footsy. Aaron said something about Jamie only needing three minutes to get the job done because "he's that good." Jamie then commented that Aaron is "that quick." Aaron said, "At least Jonathan Frakes held me after.” Jamie called Aaron, “Darling”, at one point.

Aaron asked if everyone had seen the end of season three. “Whoever said no, please leave. Myth Busters is across the hall.” Jamie joked he was still waiting for the DVDs. (Aren’t we all!)

Aaron was asked about how he felt when told he was going to be a Cylon. He’d actually read about it on a piece of paper he wasn’t suppose to see about three months before it was actually revealed. He was really pissed off. His concern was that they were taking a character that fans loved, marginalizing him and turning him into someone that people would dislike. (Hmmm, it just dawned on me that Aaron may have had some issues about not being as popular anymore.)

Jamie remarked that he is “very jealous of the cylons – they have amazing storylines.”

Some discussion of the Cylons being the bad guy(s), but, really, it’s like looking at ourselves in the mirror.

They don’t know how the series ends. The writers ran off to Lake Tahoe to desperately come up with an ending. Jamie joked about them scrawling ideas on walls and possible suicides. Richard mentioned them bypassing earth or deciding that’s not the place for them. He wants to see the door kept open. Aaron mentioned they find earth and land at Dragon Con.

There was the perennial question of old Apollo vs new Apollo and how they get along. Jamie joked that he’ll find Richard hanging out in his trailer and him leaving behind the boots and the cape. (I’m trying to remember this, the audio is bad, but there’s lots of laughter.)

After a remark about the how Apollo character gets laid all the time...

Jamie: “I haven’t been laid in a long time.”
Aaron: “…you have three kids!”

Joking about show/name confusion and how Richard calls Eddie, “Lorne.” Then Richard lamented that, up until recently, he had “to go through all this with the other Richard Hatch.” (I forgot there was another actor named Richard Hatch.)

Richard, as he often does, complimented his cast mates and talked about it being “really rare that you get to work with the company they are fortunate to have” and how “it may never happen to me again.”

Someone asked Aaron that after Katee cancelled and DC contacted him, how it felt to be “sloppy seconds”. Jamie joked that Aaron never left after the last DC and had been living in the same room for a year. Aaron then recounted how, when the show ends he won’t be doing cons and stuff (um, sure), that this would be one of our last opportunities to see him, and he gave a shout out to Michelle, “who runs his best fan site”, and who got the email campaign to get him there going. He then said we could “call off the dogs” now.

The lack of Emmy recognition was brought up, to which Jamie responded that they “don’t recognize the Emmys”, but that figures do matter. And here is where the trashing of SciFi began. Woo! The show is aware that they are often number one in itunes downloads the day after an episode airs, but the network and studio won’t acknowledge this and (more interesting to me) won’t open up their books to show how much they are making from the series. It’s a black area. There are now different viewing platforms, times are changing and SciFi isn’t keeping up with this. Viewing figures did hurt them. They could have had a Season 5. “Ron and David say they finished the show because they wanted to, but that’s a big lie.” They made a ballsy decision to end it now, on there terms, because they weren’t sure about a Season 5. They didn’t plan it this way.

Aaron mentioned, “There’s your next email campaign. Why do I have to wait 18 months for the next ep?”

There was a question about embarrassing stories and somehow that got to a mention that Richard was the “only straight actor on the show” or “straight now” anyways.

Richard talked about Zarek being Capt Apollo after 25 years in prison and the epic struggle to come back from something like that. How the so called good guys are doing the bad stuff and the so called bad guys are doing the good stuff. They all have a dark side and he enjoys how the heroes make mistakes and are capable of doing stupid things, yet can still do great things.

Someone addressed how Adama has a better relationship with Kara than Lee. Jamie’s response: “Kara’s dead and Admiral Adama is a necrophiliac. It’s true. It’s a dark show, Ok. It’s going to end there. Deal with it people.” Then he got serious and stated why Kara and Adama have a better relationship. Kara didn’t have to be brought up by Adama, Lee Adama did. It’s easier to have an adopted child then to have to bring up a child. Adama is heroic on the outside, yet he kills what he loves. We found out a lot about his marriage which was horrible. He was absent while Lee was growing up. Lee has a lot of history with Adama that Kara doesn’t.

Then he talked a bit about Kara and Lee (in a non-spoilery way) in Season 4.. “Despite being mildewed and rotting and stinking…” ;), that Kara’s is an extremely complicated return. How they were all told she was going to die and that Katee’s contract was torn up. And Lee will be less an adolescent and more comfortable in his own skin.

I’ll leave out the context because, it’s kind of spoilery, but Jamie did a really cute hair flip thing. Which led Aaron to remark “It’s raining men” and Jamie retorting with “I’m doing a hairspray commercial now, Ok?” Then there was more joking by Aaron about wanting to see him join the “Galactica Chippendales” and Jamie “Waiting for YMCA coming up.”

More Jamie SciFi rant! Jamie declared, “They don’t know what to do with our show. SciFi doesn’t know what they got, they really don’t. They don’t aim to create good television.” That they are trying to draw the show out, make it last as long as they can, and be the exclusive network that can air the show, but the show is going to live way beyond SciFi.

And we got the news that SciFi may air the first ten episodes starting in February and hold the final ten until February of 2009. Jamie pointed out that it’s their way of getting a Season 5 without paying for a Season 5. He then commented he was “never going to work again on SciFi. Or NBC or…shit.” He did the faux back tracking thing, smiled, and stated, “My toaster is made by General Electric and works great.”

When asked what other job they’d like to have, Aaron said, “Washing James Callis’s acolytes.” Richard brought up being back in a cockpit and Jamie mentioned his experience flying with the Blue Angels and how he’d be “right behind Richard in the cockpit.” Insert laughter from audience.

Would they sign back on for a Season 5 or movies? Jamie: “I think I killed all my employment prospects. I didn’t mean any of that, by the way.” He then said it depends on what they are trying to aim for. If they are trying to milk it dry, then no. If Ron is involved, if Eddie is involved and if it’s the show they love, then yes.” Richard said, with their talent (referring to Jamie, Aaron, and the rest of the cast), “wait a year and all these guys will be working on other shows” and it will be too late.

Aaron has a film, Blood, a Butcher’s Tale, premiering at Sundance, and will be a new character on Reaper.

When asked if Lee felt guilty about Kara’s ‘death’, Jamie said that Lee felt he had sent her packing to her death, felt he was doing the right thing, and felt completely guilty.

After a woman got up and said that Aaron was “not sloppy seconds” to her and that chief was her favorite character from the beginning, Aaron ran, barefoot, down the aisle to hug her.

Aaron was joking about Chief going a little nuts….

Jamie: “Chief has little nuts?”
Aaron: “They just look little comparatively speaking.”
Jamie: “My flip flops haven’t recovered.”

Then Aaron asked they “Turn off mike three.” Jamie immediately checked his mike and informed Aaron, “Mine has a one. You just silenced yourself.” ::head desk:: by Aaron.

Talking about a potential ending for the show, Jamie commented that Ron loved The Sopranos ending (People groaned when they heard that. Yeah, I’m worried too.). I think it was Richard who said that life is an adventure and if life continues it doesn’t end, so there should be no ending, that everything is a new beginning. Jamie said that the ending should involve Raquel Welch, a loin cloth, and dinosaurs. ;) None of them seemed to really want Galactica to reach earth because it would be too much closure and they would like the Galactica story to continue (if not literally, then in our imaginations). They do want closure to the now, but not the BSG story.

Jamie shared his feelings on Lee. He has his “petulant moments” in regards to the character; everyone else has got a purpose and is on some sort of journey. The show is really about the relationship between Cylons and humans and their sort of mutual differences and Lee never has had anything to do with that. All the other characters seem to have destinies and he’s the “boring middle, the mercury, that rises and falls on the barometer to tell them if they are on the right track or the wrong track” – that’s his function. “He doesn’t have his own particular journey, his own a journey is a journey of self-discovery. Lee’s journey is much more mundane and yet much more profound, in a funny way, less contrived then all these other destinies. How many of us have a destiny?” At that point someone apparently said they had one and he asked, “What is it? I’m serious.” And they shouted out “bird flu”. (Yeah, no clue.) He went on to say it’s something he’s struggled with, wondering what you’re really doing on the show. “I think that’s what I do on the show, bounce around the characters, call a bullshitter a bullshitter.”

Richard chimed in and said that Lee was one of the most difficult, challenging roles to play. “He’s the solid center, the character that goes unappreciated.” Then he praised Jamie for playing such a character and doing such a great job with it. He has a great appreciation for what he has brought to the role - someone who really has the mettle to go the distance and pull it all together. How Jamie brings heart and soul and spirit to the role and, as a person, embodies that.

Jamie, in turn, talked about how he has had the opportunity to put Apollo in really awkward places and been allowed to lose his moral compass. He’s been fortunate to be pushed into those corners more than Richard was allowed, but perhaps not as much as he would like. He stands on shoulders of a giant.

Jamie’s favorite scene from the finale was when they all enter the gym and Tigh goes “Whoa”.

This last shot isn't great, but I love how in every Q&A I've seen with him he has at least a moment of 'Bored Now'. :)

Final Jamie chat – still feeling like a dork.
So, this time we got definite recognition. As soon as he saw me he smiled and put out his hand to shake mine. I told him my goal was to talk to him each day of the Con (see, dork!) and that I wouldn’t be seeing him tomorrow after the last panel because I have to leave to catch my flight. At that point he told me he wasn’t going to be there tomorrow so I actually had achieved my goal. Then I said I had something for him. If he remembered our conversation from the day before, I had written down his con schedule for him. (Did I mention I’m a dork?) And, bless him, he proceeded to study it right there and informing me that he didn’t think he would be able to make it to Sacramento (he officially cancelled the appearance on Friday), Chicago he could probably make, and that Burbank was home. I asked him some questions about the upcoming season…which I won’t go into…and thanked him for his time, said I’d see him later (at the panel), then took off to get in the first line of the day.

Unfortunately, I was in a rush and was having a problem getting a clear shot.

BSG Reunion Panel
First off, as promised to her, I am declaring my love for thomasina who got in line 90 minutes before this panel with her friend, C, and helped those of us in the Stargate panel get really good seats. :)

Aaron opened by joking that he heard that Chris Judge and Michael Shanks drank all the beer. (The Stargate folks also had their own running jokes about drinking to excess all weekend.) “That’s why they are off the air…and it was a terrible show.” Jamie followed up with “That’s why we are right behind them off the air.”

They addressed the ten episode rumor, which they started the day before ;), and that they were definitely told that when SciFi was trying to negotiate with them for the future. They may have changed their minds, but Aaron restated that the possible plan was for ten eps in 2008 and ten eps in…2017.

Kevin (their tech guy) mentioned that they had tried hard to get Bear McCreary and his band, which includes former members of Oingo Boingo, to DC, but failed, so we should start emailing for next year.

Someone asked if we’d be seeing the Count Ibly (sp?) storyline from the original series. No one knew, but Kevin said that there “might be elements from the original series the entire time and you just aren’t aware of it.” Hmmmmm….

Another Kevin comment: “The fans use to write Apollo/Starbuck slash and now we write Apollo/Starbuck slash.” Jamie asked, “What does that mean?” I don’t think Jamie was clueless as to what that meant, but someone in the audience said "gay sex," to which Jamie said something about it not having to be gay and then added, “Even though Starbuck's a big dyke." Then Aaron said he believed the term is transgender.

Jamie watched BSG when he was 6 (me too!), had all the toys, and it was a thrill to become reacquainted with stuff he had been acquainted with as a young kid. Richard was his fave character and he commented, “I’ve always been a Luke Skywalker guy as opposed to a Han Solo guy and here I am playing Luke to Katee’s Han Solo.” He mentioned the difficulty in playing the straight up dude and that he at least has been allowed to do what Richard was pushing to do back in the 70’s version.

Then Jamie began to praise Richard, including his great hair, at which point Richard said, “Frak it, let’s make love now” and jumped a very shocked Jamie.

More mutual love – Jamie was uncomfortable when Richard came on the set and Richard countered with how Jamie walked over and was very gracious and said some very nice things when they first met. He then talked about how the actors care about the world, care about life, and care about each other.

Mark Sheppard talked about being a fan of the show, but he had only seen up through the New Caprica episodes when he came on set to film his part. So, he was quite confused by everyone saying goodbye to Katee. Edward James Olmos handed him a bunch of tapes/DVDs and said, "You need to watch these."

Jamie talked about meeting Mark. He’s the most disarming man you’ll ever meet. How he was just always there on the set – even when he wasn’t filming. He first met him as just a voice (on the phone) and how he just walked up to him on set and began telling him how much he loved the show and how great he (Jamie) was on it. Then he made mention of Romo being a new mentor for Lee “as if he doesn’t have enough already.”

Kevin said that there really aren’t any tech problems on the show, accept the atmosphere jump which he thought was too cool to overrule using.

When they were asked what their favorite Cylon model was, Aaron started hamming it up and Jamie responded, “Yeah, it’s Aaron.”

Aaron again mentioned he wasn’t happy about becoming a Cylon, but between speaking to Ron for about an hour and a half on the reasons why Tyrol is a Cylon and after filming 8 eps he’s on board with it.

Richard talked about playing Tom Zarek and even if he’s only got one scene, he gets to play something really interesting. He doesn’t see him as a bad guy (to which he’s often referred), but he thinks he’s seen as such because he’s the guy challenging the powers that be. He has a lot of insights and a lot of things to say and he’s learned to play the chess game.

Kevin feels BSG does both science and the military very well which many Hollywood productions don’t do and laments them not getting five years.

Someone asked what their favorite comedic moment was to which Aaron replied, “Have you seen this show?” Then someone shouted out something about him marrying Cally. “I married Cally. That was funny? I beat the hell out of her.” You could tell Aaron has some issues (like we do) with Chief marrying Cally. He then brought up a tee shirt he once saw with the saying. “Nothing says forgiveness like having a baby with the man who beat the shit out of you.”

The British actors were asked about the difference between working for the BBC and working in Vancouver. Jamie: “Yeah, a zero. An extra zero on the paycheck.” He also admitted that the BBC makes quality stuff a lot of the time and they make bilge a lot of the time. He also talked about the catering being much better in Vancouver, it’s second to none and that “If you work for the BBC it’s yellow.” And they don’t say “eh” at the end of every sentence.

Mark was asked about the difference between Firefly and BSG. Firefly was cut off in it’s prime. In two years it could have been one of the best series ever made. He talked about the geeks inheriting earth and it use to be if you had brain you wrote about history, now you write about faith and the future and doubt and the lack of humanity and the terrifying position of the human condition.

Around this point Jamie launched into his “And god bless Scifi for giving us the opportunity to do this. In all seriousness, they started the ball rolling and the ball has rolled in the most amazing ways and I just tip my hat off to them. To the SciFi network. You had to be there yesterday. Scrub yesterdays, please.” Then Jamie pumped his fist in the air (so cute!), so proud of himself for backtracking. 

At the BSG party, Aaron had promised to call Katee so he attempted to reach her. Mark mentioned she was on vacation in Mexico.

Off a question, Jamie and his awesome brain went on this long tangent, segueing from the humanity on BSG to what is happening in our own world. “These people don’t deserve to live. Humanity did not deserve to live because of what they did to each other. Finally humanity did redeem itself in trial. If you are asking those questions, you got the show. Do we deserve to inhabit this world? There is no easy answer to that question. We are going to have to rely on some amazing individuals round us to turn the way we live our lives, the way we consume products, the way we belch out shit into the atmosphere, the way we are run by huge corporations that we can’t elect leaders of that run our own leaders that we are suppose to elect and we really have no democratic power anymore. I’ve been asleep for twenty years and am finally waking up…show about the cataclysm biological fact that every that grows to its own kills itself. It’s a biological fact that every civilization that’s been great has killed itself off.”

About wearing the fat suit, he was blown away when it got through the network. He always wanted to be like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. It’s fascinating to take on accoutrements – like being the waddley guy who walks differently and he tried to lower his voice a bit. He enjoyed every second of it. Mark admitted he came on set and congratulated him on how he lost the weight.

They were all asked, if they had a choice, would they like to live in the past, present, or future? All answered the present. Jamie mentioned that the future is kind of scary, but right now we can make a difference. After thinking about it some more, Aaron said that he’d like to go back and ask Christ, “Did you really say that?”

Jamie and Mark were asked if they’d like to guest on Doctor Who. Both answered yes and Mark implied that it’s a definite possibility now that he has an agent in England. Jamie hasn’t seen any of the new stuff. He went on to joke about the food again, but that it’s pretty much an in-joke for people who work there and added, “I love SciFi.” Mark mentioned he crapped his pants when he first saw the Cybermen. Kevin said David Tennant is his fave of all ten Doctors, but that “if any show needs a science advisor…” ;) Can’t recall what triggered it, but Mark had to show us his Iphone and one of his scenes from the show was playing on it. Aaron would rather do Red Dwarf and they don’t need any science advising

During this panel, the guys played musical chairs for various reasons. Aaron kept getting ‘upset’ with whoever he was sitting next too. Only Jamie remained planted in his assigned seat.

And the arms of Apollo. ;)

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  • Off Conning

    I've been meaning to post for days, but between work and D*C planning and failing miserably at trying to complete a project, it just never happened.…

  • It Must Be the Weekend: TV Roundup

    Yes, I now have True Blood icons. Don't get too excited. My enthusiasm may not extend beyond this season. But before we get to True Blood, White…

  • Is This Thing Still On?

    The time has come to admit White Collar and I aren't enjoying the relationship we once had. And it's not me, it's you and your incredibly inflated…