It's good to hear that at least one exec is fighting to keep the season together. I know nothing of financing these things, but it seems weird that that would matter because they're filming it NOW and spending money on it NOW. So how does shelving it for a year save them any money?

“when people see the ending of the 10th episode, they’re gonna freak out.”

Considered me TANTALIZED. And maybe a little worried.
I was tantalized for a second, but then I thought about how many times I've heard similar statements. Sure, I'm sure there is a heck of a mid-season cliffhanger, but after Kara's 'death' I'm inclined to believe that an insiders freak out will be less so for fandom.

I don't get the financing thing either. They resume filming in a week and will be done in March. How will holding ten eps until 2009 save them money? Actually, it may cost them if advertiser interest wanes more.
Yeah, the "saving us money" thing doesn't hold much water. I've also seen some spec that SciFi's hedging their bets against the possible writers' and actors' strikes next summer, but I think the real key is exactly what Jamie said -- they're holding onto their one good thing for as long as possible. Even though it may come at the expense of the show's fanbase and prestige. Idiots.

The mid-season cliffhanger? I'm thinking it relates to that thing Aaron said when he asked us to raise our hands at the Q&A. ("How many of you would like if ___ happened?")
I'd lean towards Jamie's assessment of the situation, especially given SciFi's recent offerings of Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon. However, I'm sure the possibility of a writers and actors strike happening crossed somebody's mind. It does appear that at least one person is thinking wisely over there.

I'm wondering if the mid-season cliffhanger involves revealing the final Cylon model? If it's someone big, like Laura or Adama, it would have huge ramifications for the rest of the series and leave us very curious. Though I can't say the reveal would be all that shocking to me at this point.
And there seems to be a fight going on between programming and the 'money people' as to how to air the final season of BSG. Apparently, not every exec there has their head up their ass.

...or at least remembers how annoying getting boxes of crackers is and rightfully fears what BSG fans will pull
Thanks for posting this. Hopefully Jamie and Aaron have helped light a fire under the collective *sses of Skiffy execs and they will rethink the split-season option. And color me confused too about the financing - maybe it's a cash flow thing, perhaps ad buys happen way in advance or aren't that dependent on viewership (bzuh?)??
I think advertising revenue is based on a little bit of both. Ads are sold before the season starts, but if people decide to wait for the DVDs instead of enduring a long hiatus, then it will frak them over in 2009.

The money people need to realize that there is an actual finite limit to fan enthusiasm, and being spoon fed 10 episodes apiece over two years will test that severely. I realize they don't have anything better than Flash Gordon to go by now, but momentum is actually important.

This just confirms my theory that they are looking to limit most of their shows to 10-13 episodes per season, because they aren't actually interested in spending the money to develop full seasons of original programming.
It doesn't help that the two new shows that they did commit to 20 ep seasons have tanked for them, both critically and commercially. And I have no problem with a ten episode season if that's how the creators of the show envision it and are able to plot accordingly. I mean, the USA network shows now know that they'll be subject to a split season and even BSG probably expected a hiatus of some sort between the first and last ten, but a year? Hell, I'm having trouble recalling what happened in Season 3 of BSG right now.
That reminds me of the episode of Flash Gordon I endured on Friday. OMG, they were too cheap to spring for actual hawkmen so they just had a bunch of guys in capes jumping around, and they kept cutting away before the supposed "flight" so they wouldn't have to have more than one wire stunt. It was so sad!
I have to confess, I saw about five minutes of Flash on Friday. Let me say, I was still sick and not in my right mind. Anyway, where to begin with the horror? First, Captain Kelly, how far you have fallen. You should never have almost blown up Lee. Second, dear producers, your lead is not hot. Please stop making him take off his shirt in every ep so we have to endure his barely defined, waxed chest. Third, did you catch the kid's line to Flash about how that was "the cornballiest thing I've ever heard." OMG, someone wrote that? And allowed their name to appear in the credits?

Yes, and how are guys in cheap leatherette capes Hawkmen? I'm just...we lose BSG, SG1, and Dresden for this?
Captain Kelly, how far you have fallen. You should never have almost blown up Lee.

THAT'S why he looked so familiar! This has just been a "dude, what the hell happened to your career?" kind of week, since brynnmck just pointed out to me that Zach from Dark Angel is now Ambrosius on Dante's Cove. So sad.

And YES, whatsisface was not in the kind of shape to justify that sort of gratuitous shirtlessness. At all.
Fortunately, I'm not familiar enough with 'Dark Angel' to make the connection. I saw Captain Kelly on another crappy show recently. If I was him, I may be tempted to slash Ron Moore's tires.
Hi there! My name is Erica, and I saw your comment in a comm yesterday - you were talking about Boomtown. I checked out your profile, and it turns out we have several other fandoms in common (BSG, Stargate, House, etc). Mind if I friend you?

(And this is going to sound weird, but I feel like we were *maybe* on each other's flists several years ago. Your username looks familiar.
Don't mind at all if you friend me. :)

When I first started on LJ I was a Buffy fan. Well, I still am, but am not active in fandom. Perhaps you read my posts about that?
Great, thanks! I added you; feel free to add me back. :)

I think it might've been X-Files, actually. I was never a Buffy fan. But I see that emilina still has you added to her list, and she's a friend of mine, and I think I remember her finding you on my flist and adding you because you were into Buffy, which she was too at the time. Anyway, whatever. Hi, thanks for the add!
*crosses fingers there won't be a split season*

I'll watch it whether it's 20 eps run straight through (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease) or 10 eps + humongo hiatus + 10 eps, but I just have to wonder if the money people are thinking about Emmy status, too. If they split it over 2 years, doesn't that make BSG eligible for an Emmy in both 2008 and 2009?
Yep, it would be eligible for Emmys in two years - not that it will win any. :p
Oh HORRIBLECAKES! I really can't stand this split-season idea. But thanks for the link; to echo some others, at least people seem to know it's a stupidly financially motivated plan. All they'll do is crash they're "fifth" season ratings.

Wait, didn't they try to relabel Farscape's second half of the fourth season and pass it off as a "fifth" season too?! WHAT IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE AND FIFTH SEASONS?! I think they hate them.

Well...that said, I'm...impressed that they would order a four hour show just to keep RDM around. Interesting indeed. Hopefully he'll use his clout to get them NOT TO SPLIT THE SERIES!


beccatoria would like to apologise for the one-note nature of this post.
I wonder if I should start the campaign now for Jamie to play Joseph Adama? What? Romo said Lee reminded him of Joseph.

I'm hoping there is enough fan outrage for SciFi to come to their senses. Or I'll start organizing the campaign to send toasters to the SciFi offices...ones NOT made by GE. We don't want them profiting from this!

I've learned many things during my lifetime, and at the tops of the list is this: Never underestimate people's tendency to make the stupidest possible decision in any given circumstance. I guess that's even more true when discussing the entertainment industry. Twenty episodes over two seasons is just asinine...