Woo! Enough spoilers to give me things to think about, not enough to make me go into angst mode, some sweet new pics, and the usual reinforcement of irritation with skiffy. Thank you! :D

I just hope they slip Razor into canon smoothly enough to quell my automatic wtf reaction to some of those sweet pics... I mean, come on! There weren't even any hints that there was a major operation involving the Pegasus when Lee was given command.
Yeah, nothing really angst inducing to the spoilers. And some interesting info about an upcoming guest star and the role they'll be playing.

There weren't even any hints that there was a major operation involving the Pegasus when Lee was given command.

It will be interesting to see who is president during the film. If it's Baltar then the mission could have been soon after he was elected president and with everything that happened during the time jump I could buy us not hearing anything about it. However, I have a feeling that Laura is president which means the mission took place in the relatively short period of time between 'The Captain's Hand' and LDYB and, yeah, that could present some issues.

Btw, I've always meant to tell you how much I love that icon. Tahmoh and Grace are so cute! :)
I don't know why I feel this way, but everything about Razor screams out to me that it's set in s2.5, not long after Captain's Hand. The pics we're starting to see haven't changed that opinion, because Kara has that shorter hair of Scar and CH, rather than the slightly longer do she's sporting during the Caprica rescue mission.

Then again, I hadn't even thought of the fact that it could be a missing-year fic episode... If they have gone that route, it could work more smoothly -- there's a lot of territory to play with there.

And hee. It's one of my favorite icons, just 'cause it's fun. :D
damn stupid SciFi Channel and their inability to understand that not everyone wants to major plot points BEFOREHAND... sheesh.
In fairness to Ron, while he gives a bit of spoilage, it's nothing terribly surprising. But the one photo would appear to give away a major turn of events and I really don't understand why SciFi would release that image. Then again, maybe it's like that promo shot from Season 1 where naked Lee was on top of naked Kara and it turned out that Kara was all Kara's fantasy.
Kara was all Kara's fantasy? LOL,I bet she does like self-love.

I just typed that in a LIBRARY,
This is what happens when I try to catch up on LJ at lunch and people won't leave me alone. ::head desk::

PS - It's also why LJ needs to allow us to edit comments!
And the hi-res pics are still not up from my source. BASTARDS! Give me my hi-res love, damn you!

Stay tuned. maybe they'll release them today?
Cool. :)

What I'm really looking forward to though is the Season 4 promo pics. I'm curious to see if people get added to the main cast pics and if Lee will be in or out of uniform giving how they ended the season. The airbrushing will be horrifying, I'm sure.