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Jamie and Rob, Sadly, Not Together

I can’t really say this is a confession since some of you already know, so I shall call it a declaration to all of LJ Land. I love Matchbox Twenty. There, I said it. Rob Thomas in particular makes me very, very happy. Not Jamie Bamber happy, but he’s up near the top of the list. The look, the voice, the moves, the intensity – all of that makes quite the nice package, er, you know what I mean. So I became joyful when I discovered that the band has an album coming out October 2nd, Exile on Mainstream. My excitement turned to disappointment though when I learned the album was a greatest hits package, not that I still wouldn’t buy it. Then disappointment once more turned to excitement when I found it was to be a dual CD – twelve past hits plus six new songs. Woo! And I love the first single, ‘How Far We’ve Come’. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the video…which you can see here!

Their website in case the embedded link isn't working.

And, maybe it’s just me and my need to have my interests collide, but I think this song would make an awesome BSG vid. I’ve already matched up characters and moments with lyrics. Unfortunately, I don’t vid. :(

So, yes, some of you can now go ahead and laugh, shake your head, or role your eyes at me. danceswithwords would probably defriend me accept she needs a drinking buddy someone to watch the SGA premiere with next Friday.

Speaking of SciFi, I caught a promo for Tuesday’s Eureka featuring a sweaty Michael Shanks. ::must remember to DVR later showing::

A very, very, VERY Happy Birthday! to the_royal_anna. Not that there wasn’t a lot to love about her before, but she is now a BSG/Jamie Bamber fan so, yes, I love her even more. :)

In a couple of my DC posts (and more to come!), I mentioned I had done a drawing for Jamie to autograph. A tiny bit of history on this endeavor. I had started another drawing about two weeks before the convention, which, given my glacial pace at projects, was pretty insane. The Sunday before the con, I spent all day on the drawing. On Monday, I decided I hated it. I was rusty and there were some series technical problems with it. I gave up and decided I’d just bring something for him to sign. Then, on Tuesday, I decided to test just how fast I could work. I chose a new photo to work from and opted to downsize the drawing surface. (With the other drawing I was working with two photos, overambitious idiot that I was.) I spent more time then I intended to on the drawing, but once it got to the ‘this doesn’t suck stage’ I had to keep working in it. It still isn’t completely finished. I even told Jamie that. I want to add a bit more detail and punch up the dark areas. I may post an updated version later. One better lit too. But here’s what he signed – with my name taken out. It’s a public post and I’m paranoid about my real name getting out.

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