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As much as I look forward to the new fall season, I’m inevitably overwhelmed the very first week. Tomorrow night I have four, count them, four shows airing at 9pm. Luckily two get repeated. Bless cable and their multiple airings. Tonight was much easier going. I DVR’d Dancing with the Stars. counting on the fact I can watch the bloated ninety minute premiere in twenty minutes. ;p Then I watched, for the second time, the pilot of Chuck, which I still found very enjoyable, and the season premiere of Heroes.

I’m still not loving this show and let me tell you why: TOO DAMN MANY CHARACTERS! I didn’t care about half of them last season and now they are throwing more at me that I’m sure not to care about. (With one exception. You probably know who, but that will have to wait a minute.)

To make matters worse, after spending a considerable amount of time jumping from character to character, we still haven’t seen everybody. I was actually surprised to see Peter at the end, but, sadly, not surprised to hear he has amnesia. I guess he won’t remember who gave him a decent haircut. ;)

Mohinder and Matt are living together and raising Molly. Uh-Huh. I’ll let the fanfic writers fill in the blanks.

Mr. Bennet, you still rock. Working an entry level position in a copy place and taking crap from some loser whose only sense of self-worth comes from bossing people around...he really loves Claire. Of course, looking at their new house and new car, something tells me he had some money hidden away. And I like the fact that though not biologically related, he and Claire share a very strong bond. Neither is able to just walk away from their old life and forget who they are.

Interesting that Claire’s potential new boyfriend shares the same ability as her biological father.

Nathan, how fall you have fallen and I respect you a hell of a lot more for it.

Now for the one new character who I think will leave all other new characters in the dust…Takezo! David Anders how I’ve missed you! How cute is it that the guy from Oregon can not get away from doing the English accent? :) Well, he does do it very well. And I think he’s already doing a hell of a lot in what could have been a very predictable and clichéd role. I mean, are we really surprised that Hiro’s hero was no hero? (Say that three times fast!) The recorders of history have a way of tidying things up and glorifying people so we have heroes. And Takezo isn’t a bad guy, just a guy trying to make a living the best way he can.

So, as with last season, it looks like I’ll be watching half the show with interest and washing the dishes through the other half. ;)

Yesterday, I watched the final four episodes of The Nine online and I came to a realization. While I’m still pissed as to how ABC handled the show, I don’t know how the series could have gone beyond a season. The final four episodes, in particular, already included a lot of filler. I think American TV should start embracing the concept of limited run series. The Nine could have been awesome within the thirteen episodes that were filmed if the writers knew they had to complete the story that they presented to us in the pilot.

Another reason I felt the writers bit off more than they could chew, it turns out Malcolm planned the bank robbery with Lucas. Honestly, I can’t recall any signs in the first nine episodes that Malcolm was a part of the plan. (though it's been awhile since I've seen them.) In ep 10, ‘The Insider’, Nick becomes convinced that one of them had to be involved in the robbery. He confronts Malcolm, who, for Nick, is the prime suspect, and Malcolm denies everything and is even insulted. As the episode progresses, we find out that Tom, the guard that was killed, was the supposed insider (he was getting a share of the money to fund some experimental treatment for his wife – see how convoluted this is getting?). Whether Tom knew of Malcolm’s involvement is unclear. So Tom’s memory is ruined and his wife is forced to drop her law suit against the bank .

Meanwhile, over the next two eps, Malcolm slowly starts becoming unhinged and eventually volunteers at a church to atone for something he’s done. He ends up confessing to his daughter, who is starting to get pieces of her memory back, what he did and why - it’s the old cliché, he was living beyond his means. Anyway, he wants to confess to the police and Lucas tries talking him out of it as does his daughter. I guess we’ll never know what choice he makes and I really don’t care because the show, to me, was going off the rails.

A few random TV related things:

• I saw a Buffy/Oz crossover fic today featuring Buffy and Toby. I couldn’t even click on the link because I was that afraid.

• I heard from someone at work (yes, I've been outed as a geek!) that Flash Gordon was featured on Talk Soup. HA! Yes, SciFi, you are being mocked by E!

• TV Squad had a preview/review of Bionic Woman and of the ten reader comments I saw at the time, all were negative. I know people want this one to do well because of the various BSG connections, but I’ll be surprised if it lasts the season.

And on a personal note, I am quite overwhelmed by all your kind words about the drawing I did of Jamie. I haven’t really drawn anything in…what year is it? And I’m going to try and continue drawing and not let the rust set in again. I even pulled out something I started many years ago and am contemplating finishing it up. I’m also going to work more on the portraiture to try to increase my speed and refine my technique. So, thanks, you've convinced me to not let that art degree go to waste. Of course, I also need to find time to work on that long gestating post-‘Crossroads’ fic idea I had. If only I didn’t have to work!
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