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TV Reminders

9:00pm est is jam packed tonight.

House returns! Woo! This is one of the few premieres I'm truly excited about.

On BBC America, Ultimate Force featuring Jamie Bamber makes it's U.S. debut. Given how he feels about the show, he's probably not terribly excited by this.

And Michael Shanks guest stars on Eureka.

My big problem is DVRing issues. House I always record in case I wish to rewatch. Ultimate Force I've seen, but, as a completist, want to record the eps. I'll probably pick up the repeat of that at midnight. Unfortunately, Eureka repeats at the same time so I may have to look at alternative means for viewing. ;) And then there is Dancing with the Stars which it looks like I have to record old skool on the VCR.

Cane premieres at 10 tonight. I want to check it out, but I haven't hear raves about it.

Edited because it was pointed out I forgot to mention Bones premieres as 8. :)
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Don't forget The Unit, Bones and Damages.

(And, though I'm loathe to admit it, Beauty and the Geek)
You've got me beat in the TV viewing. I've only ever watched one episode of The Unit (William H Macy was guest starring), I'm not a fan of Damages, and I'll edit to mention Bones. Beauty and the Geek? I'll pretend I didn't see that...