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One Good Day

Well, I'm still waiting for that day. :p

In the meantime, after some truly craptacular dealings with people yesterday (thank you writteninstars for listening, once again, to my bitching and complaining :), my faith in humanity has been restored. I won't go into detail or name names because this individual would probably be horribly embarassed. But this person sent me a lovely e-mail this morning and did something equally lovely for me. Considering she does't know me very well, I truly appreciated her thoughtfulness and generosity. I think I must stalk her now. ;)

Now for some other tidbits you may or may not be interested in...

If you want to read a really good interview (with some *very* nummy pictures) of Hugh Jackman, pick up the September issue of The Advocate. I didn't think it was possible for me to like and respect the man more, but, apparently, I can.

And perusing this morning, I noticed Pirates of the Caribbean is being released on DVD December 2. :) Let the ordering begin! ETA: Oops, it's the second and not the 12th as I originally typed)

FYI - Pretty new icon courtesy of wisteria_ :)
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