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One Good Day

Well, I'm still waiting for that day. :p

In the meantime, after some truly craptacular dealings with people yesterday (thank you writteninstars for listening, once again, to my bitching and complaining :), my faith in humanity has been restored. I won't go into detail or name names because this individual would probably be horribly embarassed. But this person sent me a lovely e-mail this morning and did something equally lovely for me. Considering she does't know me very well, I truly appreciated her thoughtfulness and generosity. I think I must stalk her now. ;)

Now for some other tidbits you may or may not be interested in...

If you want to read a really good interview (with some *very* nummy pictures) of Hugh Jackman, pick up the September issue of The Advocate. I didn't think it was possible for me to like and respect the man more, but, apparently, I can.

And perusing this morning, I noticed Pirates of the Caribbean is being released on DVD December 2. :) Let the ordering begin! ETA: Oops, it's the second and not the 12th as I originally typed)

FYI - Pretty new icon courtesy of wisteria_ :)
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And perusing this morning, I noticed Pirates of the Caribbean is being released on DVD December 12. :) Let the ordering begin!

Gee, just in time for Christmas, what a coincidence :) Now I have one more thing to get for Cindy ;)

I'm glad you're feeling better about humanity, and here's hoping you don't get another reason to feel bad about it again. But just in case, know you have lots of friends to rant to, me included :)
Where on earth did wisteria_ get that "mirror" picture for the icon? Was that a Buffy thing I missed? When did he kiss a mirror?

Anne <---fulla questions
lol. Actually, it's from the movie Chance. Wisteria made a bunch of icons of James from the movie. The mirror image was my favorite. I found it both funny and perverse since it appears as if he's kissing himself.
I love it. I love it. Where is the link so I can check out the rest of those Icons?


P.S. Hello
Random drift
"When did he kiss a mirror?"

Hee. All I could think of when I read this was "Kiss rocks? Who would want to kiss rocks?"

You won't pay for all that Hugh goodness? That's not what people have been telling me. ;)

You can check out The Advocate, but the article, which was supposed to be online yesterday, doesn't appear to be there. Maybe it will be up by the end of the week.
Excuse me, but was that a suggestion that I have to pay for "goodness"?
Not that I wouldn't pay for Hugh goodness if the opportunity presented itself. Anyway, thanks for the information; I'll keep checking the site.
Is this the cover? Wow! Yummy photo indeed!!

There are also bits and pieces of an interview with him on-line, i.e. outtakes from the print edition. Still very interesting.
Thanks for the heads-up.:-))

And whatever it was that bothered you about humanity--I'm glad you are feeling better now!:-)))
Holy Smoking Jalapenos. That picture borders on illegally sexy. Thanks so much for linking to it and the article.