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Katee on the Daily 10

For those that have E! (and I think most people in the, Katee Sackoff is in a segment in the last ten minutes of the show. She's interviewed for a couple minutes (she made a cute remark about keeping in shape by going to Krispy Kreme just once a week) then the interviewer tries to teach her to surf. So if you've ever wanted to see Katee in a wet suit, check your local listing for repeat viewings. I know they air the show more than once.
Thanks for the heads up. I just set my Tivo for the midnight re-air.

I'm a bit surprised that Katee doesn't already know how to surf given how athletic and aquatic she is, but hey!
thanks! I couldn't figure out which E! it was (True Stories? Weekly?), so I have three set to record. :0)
Hee. It's E!'s The Daily Ten, the show that comes on immediately after E! News.
Ah, good. I recorded E! News (which did have a a little Katee in it), but now I've got the Daily 10 set as well. Thanks again!