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Tuesday TV Viewing and Some Personal Grumbling

I’m finally getting around to recapping Tuesday nights TV viewing. Last night I had the worst headache I’ve ever had. And have you had a nagging cough with a bad headache? Fun! Then my plans to post at lunch were thwarted by the forgotten department meeting. As you know, I’m not thrilled with my job, even less so today. Nothing like finding out your job responsibilities are being altered right before the meeting. :p

And I was just busy (and aggravated) enough that I didn’t get to listen to Matchbox Twenty’s Exile on Mainstream. VH1 is streaming it this week.

Now, on to the TV!

Bones - Enjoyed it muchly, but don’t have a lot to say. Glad Angela was way off in her assumption. (She kind of annoys me sometimes.)

Overall, it was…OK. I liked many of the actors and, wow, Rita Moreno looks fabulous, but I’m not sure if the overall storyline is that engaging. A war over sugar because it’s a possible alternative fuel source? And did we need the kidnapping/murder of the little girl? I know it’s suppose to be soapish, but it seemed heavy-handed. I will give the show points for making it’s protagonist, Alex, a murderer. I really thought he’d back off at the last minute, but he went ahead with the hit. Yes, the guy killed apparently had a role in the death of Lucia and was threatening Alex’s family, but he’s sunk to the level of the Samuels in dealing with his problems. It could be interesting to see the toll it will take on him.

One thing I was spoiled for was that Cameron, Chase, and Foreman would not be in the season premiere. What surprised me was that I didn’t miss them. I’m not sure what that says accept Hugh Laurie is THE star of the show and, duh!, we already knew that.
I do think House needs a team, partly because I think it could get old seeing him work alone every week and partly because he does need people to bounce ideas off and, more importantly, run interference for him. His insensitivity to patients and their families can be dealt with better when there is a sympathetic doctor there to balance him. And maybe Cameron would have put the idea in his head that they had the wrong person in that bed.

I was genuinely surprised by the twist with the patient even though we had a very similar case here in Michigan. But every case House has dealt with over the past three seasons has involved symptoms, often unrelated, that baffle him and the team. Taken with his “everyone lies” mantra and the fact that he often misdiagnoses the first three or four times ;), it wasn’t hard to accept what we were being given.

I loved the House/Wilson interaction. The bit with Wilson freaking out over the Tivo and “Not the season finale!” was priceless.

Wilson/Cuddy, I didn’t like so much. Can the two of them please stop plotting behind House’s back? It’s not fair to him and it’s getting old from a viewer’s perspective. Plus, they are usually wrong in their reasoning.

I’m looking forward to next week and the thinning of the herd. ;) And I hope Cameron returns with as much spunk as Not!Cameron. (Great bit of casting there.)

OK, I’m already flailing about being behind in the new fall season. I totally forgot about Reaper last night. Probably because it’s the only show on The CW I’d potentially watch. Tonight there is Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money on ABC up against Bionic Woman and Life on NBC. I can skip Life this week since I’ve already seen the pilot, but do I watch Katee or Tim at nine? I’ll probably lean towards Bionic Woman just to see how much I agree with the critics and public who have seen it already. Then there is part 1 on the finale of Top Chef at 10. Fortunately, it gets repeated at 11 and I generally don’t go to bed before 12.

I just finished watching Back to You and I laughed! Several times! Out loud! Definitely improved from what I thought was a so-so pilot and they even made a certain ongoing subplot less annoying then it could be.

Belated Happy Birthday! to pellucid who I had the pleasure of getting to know at DC. And Happy Birthday! to shmarollynn who has been far to silent on LJ as of late. Plus I could use some new Jamie icons. ;) Hope both of you lovely ladies had great days.
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