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Well, not as bas as I feared, but it has it’s problems.

Kickass opening. It told me a lot I needed to know in a very short period of time and Katee was great.

OK, can someone tell me how much bartenders make? That apartment did not look cheap. I think I have to change jobs.

I don’t like the sister. She’s a walking cliché. She’s a bratty teen *and* a computer genius! Let’s take bets on when she finds out what her sister is and begins helping her with her cyber knowledge.

Here’s where we are given far too much information in a short period of time. Jamie announces she’s pregnant, gets a proposal, and then almost dies in a horrific car crash within about thirty seconds. It’s speed character advancement! And the boyfriend not only walks away from that accident, but is capable of doing incredibly delicate surgery less than an hour later! ::rollseyes::

The actress playing Jamie isn’t bad, she just isn’t compelling. With the exception of the boyfriend, if she was with anyone else on screen I was watching that person. I know she is young and she seems young. I just don’t feel that she has had the necessary experience to carry a show.

The actor playing the boyfriend sort of sucks. Could he be any flatter in his line delivery? And the doctor is stupid. “Go back to your life like none of this really happened.” O_o I’m hoping the bullet wound proves fatal.

I have to say it’s very odd seeing an actor on TV after seeing them at a convention just a few weeks ago. I’m not exactly sure what the point of Aaron Douglas’s role was since I don’t think he’s a reoccurring character. And while I had no problem with Katee’s casting, loading the ep with BSG actors was distracting for me. Heck, even the guy who attacked Jamie was the CAG in the BSG mini. Oh, and just looking at another post I apparently missed Jammer as a medic and Michael Hogan in the first bar scene.

The final fight was very stage-y as in it looked like it was done on a soundstage. The close up shots also made it hard to follow the action. And how could Jamie be so adept at the fighting without any training?

I think this one is a keeper! Great cast and it’s rare that a show can balance comedy and drama successfully. I love Brian the Angry Reverend. And Patrick and the transvestite hooker? Hee! Also fairly progressive for network TV. I do wonder that if Letitia and Nick’s dad had a forty year affair, what is the chance that a Darling could be a half brother or sister to Nick? I just hope it’s not Karen!
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