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TV Catch Up Post

I kind of made a conscious effort to stay offline this weekend so thank you all for not posting a lot. :)

I've finally managed to catch up on TV viewing. Woo! And I think my fall schedule is starting to take shape. It's still a little too full for my liking, but I'm sure they'll be cancellations soon enough.

Monday: Live: Chuck and Heroes / DVR: Dancing with the Stars
Tuesday: Live: Bones and House
Wednesday: Live: Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, and Dirty Sexy Money / DVR: Bionic Woman and Life
Thursday: Live: Ugly Betty and maybe check out Without A Trace / DVR: 30 Rock
Friday: Live: Friday Night Lights and Stargate Atlantis (for now) / DVR: Flash Gordon (more on that)
Saturday: Nothing! Phew!
Sunday: Live: Viva Laughlin (at least if Hugh Jackman is on :)

As for the Flash Gordon recording, Razor flashbacks begin airing during the show next week. I love how SciFi is marketing the segments as the “Best two minutes on television.” Wow. Nothing like acknowledging your one hour shows are inferior to two minutes of BSG.

Now for thoughts on what I caught up on this weekend...

Not a spectacular show, but I enjoyed it. I had read that they turned Addison into Ally McBeal with her being quirky and neurotic and irrational, but other than stupidly dancing in the nude with the drapes open, I didn’t get the Ally vibe. I like all the actors and none of the characters annoyed me. Violet’s treating the patient at the Target-like store could have gone over the top, but I bought that a caring doctor would want to do what they could for a patient before allowing her to be dragged off by police to a mental hospital.

My one problem with the episode is that the clinic has no backup plan if there are complications during a delivery? And it takes an ambulance ten to fifteen minutes to get there??? No way in hell would I give birth there knowing that. And what does their insurance carrier think about all this? I hope in coming weeks, after dealing with this crisis, Addison forces them to have the delivery room equipped with the proper surgical equipment.

I enjoyed it, but it’s up against House, I have so many other shows already and not enough time, and it just didn’t impress me all that much. Sock made me laugh and Ray Wise as the Devil was fabulous. I also liked that this Devil isn’t depicted as evil, but, rather, a guy doing his job and trying to do it in a jovial manner. It was the parent’s choice to sell Sam’s soul and he's seeing that the contract is fulfilled. The souls he’s trying to recapture are of very bad people, not unknowing innocents. And he tells Sam from the outset, he’s seen the future, God wins, and he seems just fine with that. At the end when he says to Sam, after helping him win the ham, “I can be a nice guy”, I believe him. Sure, if Sam tries to break the deal his parents made things will get ugly, but the Devil is just like any other corporate officer in that respect. ;)

It’s refreshing that Sam’s story isn’t immediately disregarded as crazy by his friends and he’s not looked at as some sort of freak, but I thought their acceptance was too quick. And that they are immediately willing to put their lives on the line to help him seems oddly selfless. They must be the best friends ever!

I guess the premise, guy sending souls back to hell and wacky misadventures in getting them there, just doesn’t interest me that much. As far as the combination of humor, action, slackertude and geekery, I think Chuck does it better.

I think I’ll stick with Big Shots as the worst show I’ve seen thus far, but Moonlight places second. At least it didn’t offend me. I might have been able to deal with it being a rip-off of Angel/Forever Night if there was an effort to do it well or at least put some sort of new spin on the material, but, no. I really felt as if I was watching people settle for mediocrity and it didn’t even hit that mark.

I’m surprised in recasting every other part they left the lead in place. Much like the lead on Bionic Woman, he’s not bad, just lacking in charisma. He’s also about as good with the narration as Harrison Ford was in Blade Runner. Good job with the accent though, I didn’t pick up he was an Aussie.

I’ll trust all you Veronica Mars fans when you say Jason Dohring is a good actor and just assume he was horribly miscast. I laughed at his first scene. The bad dialogue didn’t help, but he seemed as if he was in another show. I think his age might be a problem too. Nick makes a comment that Josef is “400 going on 30” yet Jason is 25 and looks younger than that.

Sophia Myles I’m iffy on. I do feel she’s a better actress then the material is allowing her to be. Beth is suppose to be intelligent, independent, and ambitious, yet the moment there is trouble she’s the damsel in distress. And her accent is shaky, but that will hopefully improve if, IF, the show continues. (Not that I'll be tuning in.)

The most troublesome aspect for me was the relationship between Nick and Beth. It’s quite obvious she’s being set up as the love interest for Nick and he doesn’t seem to have anything to hold him back from having sex (unless I missed that twist, I wasn’t paying close attention). The show established that his ‘bride’ abducted Beth as a child to be their daughter and that he’s been watching her since she then. No, that’s not sick or creepy at all. ::shudders::

It was like watching a comedy of errors accept without laughing at any of it. Just as one problem is seemingly solved, another one arises. I can deal with this happening a few times, but an entire episode of things going wrong gets old fast, at least for me.

I couldn’t really figure out why Sam was in this episode until the end when she finally had the idea to go in search of Atlantis. I think we can all assume she shows up next week to save the day, after she and Rodney argue about what to do and why her plan will work for a couple minutes.

With Elizabeth incapacitated, Rodney decided to start giving orders until John reminded him that he’s the one in charge. I liked that John did that because, you know, it's true. And it seemed to shut Rodney down for a few minutes until Dr. Keller had the idea of using Replicator nanites to heal Elizabeth. I understand a doctor wanting to save their patient, but by potentially endangering the entire crew? Hell, the human race? That Rodney’s ego would allow him to feel he could control the situation is no shock, but every other time he's sworn he can control a situation it's ended in disaster. And John was right, Elizabeth would never allow such a plan of action to proceed even at the cost of her own life and anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know her.

What should happen after the current crisis is averted is that Rodney (and perhaps Dr. Keller) has his ass thrown in the brig. He disobeyed a direct order, there is no getting away from that. But, it’s Atlantis, so all will be forgiven and probably forgotten in two episodes.

There was one good moment during this episode. I admit to getting a bit choked up when Ronan went to Elizabeth’s bedside to thank her for allowing him to stay on Atlantis. She’s given him this life, which he likes, and he’s really powerless to help her in any way at the moment. The only thing he had to offer was his feelings and thanks and letting her know, hopefully, that someone was by her side. And when her vitals began to crash I loved his moment of panic that he had somehow caused it to happen.
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