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Too Much TV, Too Little Time

Hmmmm, let's see if I remember everything I wanted to mention.

I have to admit I didn't like this ep as much as the pilot. danceswithwords mentioned it was too slap-sticky and she may be on to something. It did skew more towards wacky action than character interaction and development and I'm all about characters. One of my favorite moments was when Chuck, his family and Morgan showed up at Wienerlicious (Love the name. Yes, I can be twelve. ;p) as a way to say sorry and hang out and bond with Beth. It felt very much like an O.C. moment. I also enjoyed Casey chasing down the shoplifter. :)

Ten minutes in my brain was going, "Bored Now." If I hadn't jotted down a few things I don't know if I could recall anything from last night. I did, in fact, end up washing dishes during Peter's scenes. I like Peter, but his storyline right now is terrible. soundingsea brought up the atrocious Irish accents in her post. Let me mention the stereotypes. Do all Irish men need to be thieves and thugs and hang out in a pub? I should probably throw in stupid too. They are blaming Peter for the stolen ipods. So, let me see if I get this. He took them, hid them, then went back to the storage container, shirtless, and chained himself up. Yeah, that makes sense. ::rollseyes::

Hiro taking Kensei's place and the young lady falling for Hiro as Kensei - boy, I didn't see that coming! Kensei's 'death' I may have been taken in by if not for the fact I knew David Anders was signed as a series regular. Not sure how I feel about him pulling a Wolverine.

When the black ooze started coming out of Maya's eyes did anyone else think 'X-Files'? Still not carrying about her or her brother.

I did like that The Haitian is back and working with Bennet. I'm waiting for the heroes reunion to take place at the copy shop. :)

Mrs. Bennet is in the loop now. Yay! I really do adore the Bennet family. And it would seem instead of paintings giving us clues as to the dead hero walking, it's a series of eight drawings this year.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Mr. Muggles stole the show for me. When Claire turned off the TV and he started yapping at her...hee! If the little guy can't participate in the shows anymore, he's going to watch! I also loved how when they ran outside, as Claire was looking in every directions but up, Mr. Muggles was trying to clue her in.

So, basically, if they did a spin off show featuring the Bennet's I could quit watching this and be happy. :)

I don't have much to say, but I really, really enjoyed this episode. I'm not sure I've ever thought of the show as being fun before, but I was feeling that way tonight. My favorite of the new recruits, since we didn't get names and I can't recall all the numbers...6 or 9 (depending on which way he has his number next week), the sassy brunette, the plastic surgeon, and the older gentlemen. Ok, I know he won't be one of the new ducklings, but he's Sam Carter's father! Which you will get if you watch Stargate. The Mormon doctor didn't seem to have much personality and the other female doctor is too selfish and backstabbing and we already have Hosue for that. ;)

Most of House's reasoning in the episode, shockingly, made sense to me. From getting rid of 2, who didn't take any chances, to not ratting the patient out to NASA. She's been treated and, he's right, will probably be more on top of her health then any astronaut in the program. And while there were a lot of guesses before getting to the right diagnosis, I appreciated her not being treated for a bunch of stuff she ended up not having. How refreshing!

It didn't surprise me at all that House didn't notice Cameron for three weeks. Didn't they establish last week he wasn't leaving his office? And he wouldn't go anywhere near the ER unless he had to. I also thought they did a nice job in a brief period of time as to why she needs to be around. She's the only one who would have known that, yes, he didn't want to kill the patient's dream.

Nice glare from Chase. :) I'm a little surprised that Wilson revealed that Chase and Cameron are engaged. That makes no sense to me from what we saw of their relationship last season. If it is true and not another fib of Wilson's then I wonder if the writers were matching the characters relationship to their real life counterparts and it bit them in the ass.

Dancing with the Stars - Unless one of them breaks a leg, I'm not sure how Julianne and Helio can lose. I loved Apolo and he wasn't nearly as good as Helio in week 2.

Thanks to On Demand and Showtime making it available for nonpaying customers, I'm finally catching up on Dexter. I'm watching Ep 10 as I type this. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not feeling compelled to dissect, no pun intended. A couple episodes back I predicted how the first season would end and what would happen to certain characters and having read a review of the second season premiere it would seem I was right in my assumptions.

I picked up the new Matchbox Twenty album today, but haven't listened to it yet since I've listened twice online recently. Best Buy is carrying a version with two live bonus tracks and I'm all for the bonuses.

OK, Flist, you are failing me! I've seen no links to con reports and I know I have Katee and Tahmoh fans here! I did manage to track down one and it seems as if they didn't talk much about BSG. Perhaps that accounts for the relative LJ silence. Here's the link to the report I found. One thing jumped out at me. Julie Caitlin Brown was there and she represents Katee *and* Tahmoh. I'm now terrified that she's going after all the BSG actors and Jamie will sign with her. Though, he seems pretty laid back about the con thing and I'm assuming leaves them up to his manager to organize. Someone with a better knowledge of these things can enlighten me, but what is the point of a con manager? It just seems like yet another person you are paying out money to and none of these guys are making BIG TV money.
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