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Matchbox Twenty TV Appearances

Since I know there are so many of us now. :) I checked their website today since I had a recollection they were to appear on Jimmy Kimmel sometime this week and found that they have several upcoming appearances:

10/04/07 - The Jay Leno Show
10/05/07 - Jimmy Kimmel
10/08/07 - Today show (concert series) and Ellen

And the AT&T Blueroom is featuring a live performance by the band. It apparently debuted last night and will only be available for viewing until tomorrow.

In unrelated news, ratings for the season premiere of SGA are available. It's one of those good news/bad news situations. I like how Gateworld dissects how DVR ratings affect or don't affect a network's decision to renew. Yes, DVRing proves to the network more people are watching, but it also means more people are skipping the commercials.

Oh, and I just placed my order for the Stargate: SG1 Mega Box Set. Wheeeee!!! And now to figure out a way to pay for it. ;p
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