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Matchbox Twenty TV Appearances

Since I know there are so many of us now. :) I checked their website today since I had a recollection they were to appear on Jimmy Kimmel sometime this week and found that they have several upcoming appearances:

10/04/07 - The Jay Leno Show
10/05/07 - Jimmy Kimmel
10/08/07 - Today show (concert series) and Ellen

And the AT&T Blueroom is featuring a live performance by the band. It apparently debuted last night and will only be available for viewing until tomorrow.

In unrelated news, ratings for the season premiere of SGA are available. It's one of those good news/bad news situations. I like how Gateworld dissects how DVR ratings affect or don't affect a network's decision to renew. Yes, DVRing proves to the network more people are watching, but it also means more people are skipping the commercials.

Oh, and I just placed my order for the Stargate: SG1 Mega Box Set. Wheeeee!!! And now to figure out a way to pay for it. ;p
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Interesting news about the ratings. I notice they didn't mention that this is the first episode of SGA to premiere without SG-1 as well. Not that I'm bitter. One thing that might work in SGA's favor is that Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon have been enormous flops, and SciFi doesn't seem to have much new material waiting in the wings; on the other hand, they seem to be devoting a fair amount of their schedule to second runs of NBC's genre-y shows.

I just placed my order for the Stargate: SG1 Mega Box Set. Wheeeee!!! And now to figure out a way to pay for it.

I'm selling a kidney. I have two!
It's possible that SGA could be saved by the abysmal reception of PJ and FG, but it also seems like SciFi wishes to do shows cheap and SGA, like BSG, carries a fairly hefty price tag. I do fear that SciFi is going to go the way of other cable networks programming reruns, reality series, and second runs. Hello Bravo 2.0!
I'd like to see a psychological profile of the type of person who tunes in avidly for Ghost Hunters every week. There's aparently more of THEM than there are of us, which scares me on a whole lot of levels.
i've only listened to the first three songs off the new matchbox album, but i really like it thus far. i've always loved their stuff, and been listening to quite a lot of matchbox since i got my ipod last month. :)

re sga: i saw the first two leaked eps a week or so ago. i'm weak, what can i say, and was trying to decide whether to start watching the series again or not. i didn't hate the eps, but i'm not watching this season either. i just don't care about these characters anymore. and for some reason THIS sam, in my mind anyways, has very little to do with the sg1-sam i've come to know and love. i did love the small ronon/elizabeth scene tho. that was good, and a nice character moment.
Woo! Another Matchbox fan. I like the new Matchbox songs the more I hear them. And they keep making me think of BSG. Sigh.

I have to see more of Sam before I can decide whether or not it's the Sam I know, but her appearance in the season premiere didn't instill me with a lot of confidence that they know what to do with her. I'll keep watching for awhile since there is nothing really on Friday night.
been a fan since '99 i think. :) they make me think of college, and of how awesome it was to be there and not really know how the world works. my fave song is probably kody. very me. :)

i only saw the first two eps, but like i said, i'm not coming back for more. i started out disliking sga, and i somehow returned to that original feeling.

there is nothing really on Friday night

you could read instead. or DRAW! :)
Interesting that commercial hatred is becoming so obvious. I know it's how they raise the money to pay for the shows in the first place but I'm glad I get my tv That Other Way so I don't have to watch the adverts. I get Heroes on good old BBC so that's also advert free. Hurrah!

I also enjoy a bit of Matchbox Twenty. Amy Hit the Atmosphere is a particularly beautiful song.

As for the SG-1 mega set I might have considered it, if I didn't already own the first eight seasons!
I read an article that stated if commercials were more interesting and entertaining then we'd be more likely to watch them and I have to agree. There are a few commercials I do actually stop and watch.

The good thing about not getting hooked on SG1 until the final season is that you realize if you wait just a little while they'll be a big ass box set. ;)
I'm actually hearing rumblings here and there that if SciFi does delay the second half of BSG-season 4 until 2009, a campaign will be initiated among the fanbase to encourage viewers to avoid watching the show live, and resort to DVR/downloads instead...just to stick it to SciFi over the ad revenues.

At the very least though, there's no way in Hades that I'm going to watch Flash Gordon live in order to catch the BSG mini-sodes!