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Wednesday TV, Some of It

I’ve seen some people say that Ned and Chuck lack chemistry, but I disagree. They’re a very cute couple and it’s not like there has to be massive UST since they can’t touch.

My three favorite things about the show (which reminds me of a mash up of Big Fish and Waitress) are the dialogue, extremely clever, yet still believably emanating from these characters, the bold look of the show, and Chi McBride’s Emerson. I loved his response to Ned’s declaration that Cantalope, a Chow, could be guilty, "That’s racial profiling." And I’m waiting for Ned’s "That’s how I roll" to pop up on an icon.

Monkeys! It always has to be monkeys on a Bryan Fuller show, doesn’t it? I’m actually a little sad they are probably being melted down.

If I had two tiny quibbles it’s these: Lee Pace’s makeup. Maybe it’s just my TV, but it seemed a bit heavy and his cheeks a little too rosy. Or maybe the look was meant to be in keeping with the rest of the show? And I know dogs can sense danger, but Dibney has stayed clear of Ned for twenty years?

Somewhat surprisingly, it’s Addison/Pete that is bugging me the most. I like them just fine individually, but the UST is so forced and Addison turns into this other, needy, irrational, flaily person when she’s around him. Before I want two people to be together I have to get to know them and, thus far, we know little about Pete other than his wife died. Cooper and Violet are the more appealing couple to me at the moment. They’ve spent time together really talking and we’ve had more than hints as to how messed up their lives are. Plus, between her neurosis and his need to help people I can see them being drawn to one another.

The storylines were a mixed bag. I found the baby swap interesting mainly because the actresses playing the mothers were awesome and we got to see most of the practice working together to get to the bottom of what happened. The alcoholic storyline had potential, but I feel got some short shrift. The stripper storyline was pointless accept to make Addison jealous which was ridiculous. Sure, Pete’s hot, but (see above) she barely knows him!

And they need to find something for the midwife wannabe to do or cut him loose.

I’m still really enjoying this, but I don’t think there is a ton to say about this episode. Brian trying to ditch Brian Jr. was a hoot. Poor kid. I’m still not sure why the mother just abandoned him because she was angry at Brian. Maybe she’ll realize she made a horrible mistake and come back? And Brian did redeem himself just a smidge when he sort-of apologized to his son. Interestingly, Brian seems more worried about what his family will have to say about all this than the church.

I do feel Tripp and Lititia love their children, but I think I’m staring to see why the kids are the way they are. For the past four decades, Lititia has been juggling two relationships with two men I’m convinced she loved for different reasons and this has consumed her life and attentions. Tripp I don’t think loves power and money more than his family, but it’s easier for him to deal with so he’s chosen to live in a state of obliviousness. Seriously, he had no clue about Lititia’s affair until last night? You could tell how the possability *finally* occurred to him on the balcony and the briefcase combination was the proof he needed.

As suspected the actress playing Carmelita, the not prostitute, is really a transsexual. Well, imdb calls her a "female impersonator" but there has obviously been cosmetic surgery involving silicone. ;)

I still haven’t watched Bionic Woman or Life. Hopefully, I can squeeze in at least one of them tonight. All this TV is running me ragged!

I don’t want to get into a big discussion about Britney Spears, but I have to mention this. The other night I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if she’ll even bother to show up for the custody hearing?" Well, guess what?! Apparently, walking your dog and getting coffee from Starbuck’s is more important then your kid future. I think we can just assume at this point she doesn’t even want them. She probably thought at the time they were conceived it would be fun to have babies, but the reality of taking care of them bores her.
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