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I'm just spamming you all now

I've been checking overnight ratings at Mediaweek and one showdown in particular is interesting me. Though Life finished third in it's time slot last night, it's up 73% over the show in it's time slot last season, Kidnapped. Dirty Sexy Money finished second in the time slot behind CSI:NY which seems good until you read that it was down 26% percent from the debut of...The Nine. ::head desk:: OK, I'm not getting attached to anything for several more weeks.

In House news, if any of you wish to know who wins Survivor:Princeton-Plainsboro Zap2It can tell you. I was pretty certain as soon as they were cast that Olivia Wilde and Kal Penn were going to be made permanent cast members. Kal in particular I'm thrilled with because I enjoy him as an actor and I really liked his character who, in many ways, is like House and it will be interesting to see House have to deal with himself. ;) Peter Jacobson is a bit of a surprise. I'm not sure how a plastic surgeon will fit in, but the specialty could come in handy I suppose.

And now for what really has me really excited. The new 'Sweeney Todd' trailer! No surprise, it looks awesome. This may be the best Burton/Depp collaboration yet. Sadly, no surprise again, the studio is playing down the fact that it's a musical.

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